Synthetic Sounds Episode 2

Welcome to another mellow episode of "Synthetic Sounds". Powered by "Dream Logic", this show creates playlists based on non-linear, often temporal, relationships between audio files.


  1. Crazy by Padma Purana on DWK309 (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  2. Track20201216211137929138.66 by DJ_Iterate on Bier Be New Again (Treetrunk)
  3. Spring 2015 by BleuPulp on Until I Get There (Monokrak)
  4. Amnesia by Subjectjazz on Amnesia (EP) (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  5. Spectre by Mudar Mahayni on Various - Lossless Vol. 5 (Deep-X Recordings)
  6. 11lll11 by 11lll11 on Overtone (Treetrunk)
  7. Relative Thought by Future Perfect on Relative Thought (SubSymbolic Records)
  8. Drustonk by 6SISS on In Pallid Nights (Entity)
  9. Promenade 1 by Eugenio Petrarcha on Promenade (Ephedrina)
  10. Mistery Of Time by Aitanna77 on Any Place But Here (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  11. Control Freak by Attaboy on Deep-X Vol. 5: One Year (Deep-X Recordings)
  12. Iterative by Norman Creed on V.A. - Himmelblau Pause (Side Two) (Auflegware)