1. Saintlike Said by The Cowboys on Lovers in Marble (Feel It)
  2. Ain't Got Time by Francie Moon on All the Same (King Pizza)
  3. You Can Find Me by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City)
  4. Any Junkyard Dreams by Chronophage on The Pig Kiss'd (Cleta Patra)
  5. Part of Me by Squitch on Learn to Be Alone (Self Released)
  6. Worlds in Motion by VACATION on Jingoist Diaries (Self Released)
  7. Compromised by Public Practice on Gentle Grip (Wharf Cat Records)
  8. Up All Night by Eye Tide on Wrecked Beach (Self Released)
  9. Invisible Wall by Stuck on Change Is Bad (born yesterday)
  10. On My Wall by TOMMY RAY! on Handful of Hits (Self Released)
  11. Clean Kill by Coriky on Coriky (Dischord)
  12. Blue Vein by Lael Neale on Blue Vein (Sub Pop)
  13. Wolfman by Suzie True on Saddest Girl at The Party (Get Better)
  14. As If By Magic by Don't Worry on As If By Magic (Specialist Subject)
  15. Gold Beach Fortress by Moral Mazes on Gold Beach Fortress (Little Rocket)
  16. Margin Notes by Partial Traces on Only Wanted U (Salinas)
  17. Likeable by R. Ring on R. Ring / Vacation SPLIT (Let's Pretend)
  18. Leslie Plain and Strong by Calyx on Stay Gone (Salinas)
  19. Hide (Myself Behind You) by Ron Gallo on Peacemeal (New West)
  20. Moon Tropics by Healing Gems on Fiesta Pack (Mock)
  21. Power Cut by Nightshift on Zöe (Trouble in Mind)
  22. Sunflower by Damaged Bug on Bug on Yonkers (Castle Face)
  23. Nothing Better by Werewolf Jones on Premium (Big Neck)
  24. Sneeze Machine by Psychic Baos on Pig Sphinx (Let's Pretend)
  25. What's the Score by The Shit Missile on The Secret Cult of the Shit Missile (Khannibalism)
  26. Eternal Clarity by Hyper Tensions (Self Released)
  27. Cool World by PRIORS on MY PUNISHMENT ON EARTH (Braingum)
  28. Slow Burn by Fox Face on End of Man (Dirtnap)
  29. I Am the Pig by Warm Red on Decades of Breakfast (Self Released)
  30. Expulsados by Algara on Una Cosa Mas Sin Sentido Alguno Usada Para Hacer Rico Al Mismo De Siempre (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
  31. Hold My Hand by Death Valley Girls on Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  32. no call list by gladie on raw nerve (Self Released)
  33. Street Lights by Nanami Ozone & Friendless Summer on Nanami Ozone & Friendless Summer (Self Released)
  34. Leave the Capitol by The Fall on Live at St. Helens Technical College '81 (Castle Face)
  35. Right on the Edge by Cloud Nothings on The Black Hole Understands (Self Released)