Synthetic Sounds Episode 6

Here we have another nice playlist of tracks created using "Dream Logic", including some interesting tidbits from the darker and more ambient side of things.


  1. Ayo Seo Hane (Weird Of The Wolf Mix) by Unune on Retro Future Emission (Treetrunk)
  2. To The North by B Toriyama on Episodes (Basic Sounds)
  3. On The Edge Of Town by Melophobia on B-612 (Treetrunk)
  4. Unknown by Midnight Express on Unknown (Unknown)
  5. Unknown by Senseless on Unknown (Unknown)
  6. Respawn by Bozo on Which Way EP (Unfoundsound)
  7. Broken Home by Glintsik on Butter Dream (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  8. Langax by Scrap Robot on The Odyssey Of The Civilization (Soisloscerdos Netlabel)
  9. Loved Once Instrumental by Space Ace on Unknown (Unknown)
  10. Universal Wisdom by Mister Vapor and The Ghost Between The Strings on Esoteric Vapor (Treetrunk)
  11. Corpse Raiser by Jeff Sampson on Corpse Raiser (Treetrunk)