At Ease With @Jon_Digital Episode 012 - 01/21/21

Give peace a chance. Wear headphones. 


  1. Coming Back Around by Cory Wong; Cody Fry on Coming Back Around (Roundwound Media) New
  2. This Tribe by Demuja; Black Loops on This Tribe (MUJA) New
  3. Quem É Você no Meu Tempo? - Denitia’s Dream by Sergiopí; Denitia on Quem É Você no Meu Tempo? (Denitia’s Dream) (LAB 344) New
  4. Believer by Smerz on Believer (XL Recordings) New
  5. Ocean by Brijean on Ocean (Ghostly International) New
  6. Ghost Valley by Invisible Temple; Bostro Pesopeo; Benjamin Fröhlich on Self Hypnosis (Permanent Vacation) New
  7. Quantum Blues by Menagerie on Many Worlds (Freestyle Records)
  8. Demba - Demi Riquísimo Remix - Edit by TSHA; Demi Riquísimo; Trio Da Kali on Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix) (Ninja Tune) New
  9. Loving Sky by Jerry Garcia; Sanjay Mishra on Front Street Outtakes (Jerry Garcia Music Arts) New
  10. An Imitation by Boys Age on An Imitation (Boys Age) New
  11. Inner Child - Patrice Bäumel Extended Remix by Moullinex; GPU Panic; Patrice Bäumel on Inner Child (Patrice Bäumel Remix) (Discotexas) New
  12. X-Rays & Šostakovic by Matteo Vallicelli; Luis Vasquez; The Soft Moon on X-Rays & Šostakovic (Matteo Vallicelli)
  13. I Feel High (with DRAMA) by Poolside; DRAMA on I Feel High (with DRAMA) (Pacific Standard Records)
  14. Yaki's Delight by Apifera; Yonatan Albalak; Amir Bresler; Rejoicer; Nitai Hershkovits on Overstand (Stones Throw Records) New
  15. Individuality Riddim by Nicola Cruz on Individuality Riddim (Rhythm Section International)
  16. Babylon Scatta by DJ Madd on Soldiers (Badman Studios) New
  17. Kimchi King Kong by The Diabolical Liberties on Kimchi King Kong (Diabolical Liberties) New
  18. Good Intentions - live at Jazz Café by Session Victim; Erobique on Live (Eukalyptus Files) New
  19. Night by Fellsius on Night (Trekkie Trax) New
  20. Yüce Dağ Başında by Altin Gün on Yüce Dağ Başında (Glitterbeat Records) New
  21. Murkit Gem by El Michels Affair; Piya Malik on Murkit Gem (Big Crown Records) New
  22. Al Sur by The Notwist; Juana Molina on Al Sur (Morr Music) New
  23. Venice Beach by DJ Cam; Filet of Soul on Lost Found 2 (Laurent Daumail) New
  24. The Duke by Menahan Street Band on The Duke (Daptone Records)
  25. D.A.S by My Nu Leng on D.A.S (Soft Computing)