The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Panic Priest & DJs Boss Salvage & OmegaTelik (Albany, NY) 1/26/21


  1. Nighthunter by Panic Priest on Second Seduction (Negative Gain)
  2. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure on Standing On A Beach (Elektra)
  3. Cold Dead Skin by The Palace Of Tears on Of Ruination (self released/Bandcamp)
  4. Vanessa by Grimes on Darkbloom (split EP with D'eon) (Arbutus)
  5. Tell Me About the Forest (You Once Called Home) by Dead Can Dance on Into The Labyrinth (4AD)
  6. The Holy Ghost by Panic Priest on Panic Priest (Negative Gain)
  7. We Belong Nowhere by Ashes Fallen (Ashes Fallen)
  8. Hearts And Minds by Nitzer Ebb on Belief (Geffen)
  9. Destroy Improve Rebuild by Faderhead on Black Friday (L-Tracks)
  10. Bad Juju by BACKxWASH on Deviancy (Grimalkin)
  11. Lonely City by Panic Priest on Second Seduction (Negative Gain)