1. I Never Thought I'd See the Day (CKB bootleg) by Sade (self released)
  2. Run Thru My Mind by Bored Lord on Rejected From Heaven (self released)
  3. Voids Two by Martyn on Voids (Ostgut Ton)
  4. 02-52-03 by RP Boo on Classics Vol. 1 (Planet Mu)
  5. NAR by SLOWXTECH on Greatest Hits (Internet Friends)
  6. '2 Da Core' (RP Boo Remix) by Basic Rhythm on 2 Da Core (self released)
  7. CCP (Traxman’s Just Like This Remix) by Traxman (self released)
  8. I Remember (Sideswipe Remix) by Deadmau5 on FTRAX013 (Forbidden Trax)
  9. The Jackpot by Kode 9 (Hyperdub) New
  10. Trippin Still by SELFHOOD (self released)
  11. Night Of The Living Jukeheads by Gant-Man on Teklifevip2020 (Teklife)
  12. Warehouse Acid by Dispondant on Acid Jazz EP (self released)
  13. FUKOUTTAHERE by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  14. Only You Can Heal My Soul by Baby Meelo on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  15. I Can Feel Your Energy by BSN Posse on #UOAI [IJ002] (Iberian Juke)
  16. Complains by Static on ARMADASOUNDS 001 (BLDS.MX)
  17. Paradise Circus (Iyer Remix) by Massive Attack on FTRAX023 (Forbidden Trax)
  18. Contrincante VIP (Deft Remix) by Arcade (self released)
  19. U R The One (Prototype) by Kush Jones on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  20. VOLUME by DJ PAYPAL on On Life (Teklife)
  21. Akadaemia by FLEX BLUR on JBDUBZ8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  22. EVERY by ETRA on Nu Kvlture Mixtape (Nu Kvlture)
  23. Hexane (Sideswipe Edit) by Bastiengoat on Street Banger Factory 16 (Moveltraxx)
  24. Perfect Blue Midol by BASICO on JBDUBZ8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  25. Techwork_01 by DJ YumYum (Dred Collective)
  26. LOVIN' U by KRUSH JUKE on JUKE AID: Footmahi For The Bushfires (The Big Fresh Collective)
  27. Lose My Mind by EQ Why (Equalized)
  28. Close 2 U by BNDT72 ( on single - (Never Slept))
  29. Costeñowerkz by Sonido Berzerk x HAI on End Of The World Compilation (Wile Out)
  30. The License (Phillip D Kick Footwork Edit) by Krome & Time (self released)
  31. In Da Club Before Eleven O Clock by DJ Rashad on Juke Trax Online Vol. 13 (Databass)
  32. It's The Fun by A.Fruit on Russian Bass (heptagram)
  33. I Yeah Yo by DJ Reebok on I Yeah Yo EP (Dred Collective)
  34. PERSONA X by LIAM K. SWIGGS on SMOKO BREAKZ (self released)
  35. Hypa by Juke Dealer on Sampler 160 (Futurable)
  36. Abyss Watcher by TMSV (Sub Merchants)
  37. Dolorous Dick’head by dgoHn on dgoHn EP (Astrophonica)
  38. Goyokiba Love feat. G Frequent by Neuropunk on Go Crazy Vol.1 (self released)
  39. Shoot Da 3 (Los & Dev79 Remix) by Yung Simmie & Denzel Curry on FTRAX048 (Forbidden Trax)
  40. Savage feat. DJ Paypal by DJ Mastercard on (Virtual Crime) (self released)
  41. VIVATINTAN by Real Monsters on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  42. Rona City Blues by Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
  43. What You Need by DJ Spinn & DJ Manny on Teklife Vol.2: What You Need (Teklife)
  44. Javiera 2020 by Regent Street on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  45. Higher Ground (SIDESWIPE VIP) by TNGHT on FTRAX020 (Forbidden Trax)
  46. A New Meaning by Machinedrum on singe (self released)
  47. POSSESED (LIAM K. SWIGGS 160 VIP) by PARADISO (self released)
  48. Hardwerk by Cybereality & Sonido Berzerk (Juke MX)
  49. Clocked In - by PlayPlay ( on Worst Behavior Vol. 1 - (Worst Behavior))
  50. Can't U See by MVNG X Cybereality (Juke MX)
  51. Call Out by 6blocc x Calculon x Shamanga (self released)
  52. 4AM (DIFF Remix) by 2Chainz on FTRAX060 (Forbidden Trax)
  53. Good Morning (DJ AMWF Flip) by Joyce Wrice (self released)