The Hanging Garden Radio Show 5/7 w/ DJ Tomas Diablo


  1. Sons of The Burgess Shale by Bell Hollow
  2. Footsteps by Kissing The Pink
  3. Kissing Princess Leia by Vector Lovers
  4. Kiss Them For Me by School of Seven Bells
  5. Schadenfreud by Valis
  6. Exit Out by Silent Signals
  7. Chosen Time by New Order
  8. A Promise by Echo and The Bunnymen
  9. Move On Up by Flying Lizards
  10. Simple Man by Klaus Nomio
  11. Two Minute Warning by Depeche Mode
  12. That Smiling Face by Camouflage
  13. My Secret Friend by IAMX
  14. Carrie Ann by Pony Hoax
  15. One Of Our Submarines by Thomas Dolby
  16. Think Fast by Meat Beat Manifesto
  17. Heimataerde by Veni Veni Emmanuel
  18. Perfectly Fake by 16 Volt
  19. I Wanted To Tell Her by Holy Ghost!
  20. Silicone Sexy by Colder
  21. No G.D.M. by Gina X Performance
  22. Break
  23. Independence Day by The Comsat Angels
  24. Koszmar by Belgrado