1. Zenith by Ben Khan on 1000 EP (Blessed Vice)
  2. Night Moves by Roosevelt (Greco-Roman)
  3. Sun by kenton slash demon
  4. Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix) by Purity Ring on Another Eternity (4AD)
  5. Orchid Bloom (Mike Simonetti Remix) by Lemonade on Minus Tide (Cascine)
  6. Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip) by Porter Robinson
  7. 2022 Zodiac by Ben Khan on 1000 EP (Blessed Vice)
  8. Inhale Exhale by Nao on February 15 (Little Tokyo Recordings)
  9. UR MY <3 by SIBA
  10. The Clown ft. Pedestrian by Maribou State on Portraits (Counter Records)
  11. Break
  12. BTSU by Jai Paul
  13. Break
  14. Adore feat Ariana Grande (MssingNo Remix) by Cashmere Cat
  15. Henny In Hand (Insightful Fondle) by Tory Lanez on Insightful Fondle
  16. Moonshine (Joakim Remix) by Jay Jay Johanson on Moonshine EP (Kwaidan)
  17. Believe ft. Chelou by Nocturnal Sunshine on Nocturnal Sunshine (I/AM/ME)
  18. Something In The Water (The Acid Remix) by Young Magic on Remixes Vol. 1
  19. Nvragain by julian earle (Nowadays Records)
  20. Broken Bones by Holy Teeth on Lungs EP (Emprise Music)
  21. L I E S ft. MOTHIC A AND BIBB by little cloud
  22. Sea by munno on arc (Secret Songs)
  23. Sparta by Ten Walls on Sparta (Boso)
  24. DerDieDas by Kolsch on SPEICHER 84 (Kompakt)
  25. Nueva Cancion by Dave DK on Val Maira (Kompakt)
  26. Two Birds (Original Mix) by Kolsch on Speicher 84 (Kompakt)