Even CowGirls Get The Grooves Ep 09

In tragic events; SOPHIE; trans artist, producer, and all around extraordinary human being left us after an unforeseen accident, leaving a huge impression on the electronic music world and the LGBTQ community. Having been greatly influenced by her immeasurable talent and groundbreaking production work; tonight's show is taking a turn into the electronic realm; with house, IDM, hyperpop, PC music, electronica, ambient, techno; and as always, some Italo and RNB tracks. All musical genres stem from inspiration from one another; let's celebrate its majesty tonight!


  1. Auto Man by Newcleus on Jam On Revenge (SunnyView)
  2. Rock The Box by Sylvester on M-1015 (Megatone Records)
  3. BIPP by SOPHIE on BIPP/ ELLE (Numbers)
  4. What To Choose by Orpheus (Titan)
  5. Don't Stop by Motion on Don't Stop (Tojo)
  6. Cool As Ice by 52nd Street (Strangeway Music LTD)
  7. High Tension Club by Nancy Dee on High Tension Club (ARS)
  8. I Wish by Bolero (Bellaphon)
  9. Stay Away by Dom Torche (Tam Tam Records)
  10. Yeah Right by Vince Staples on Big Fish Theory (Def Jams Recordings)
  11. After The Love Has Gone by Princess on After The Love Has Gone (Next Plateau Records)
  12. Shake by Bombers on Let's Dance/ Shake (West End Records)
  13. Metamundus by IchiSan on Metamundus (Bordello A Parigi)
  14. Cornish Acid by Aphex Twin on Richard D. James Album (Sire)
  15. It's More Fun To Compute / Home Computer - 3-D by Kraftwerk on 3-D The Catalogue (Parlophone)
  16. Dirt by Only Now on Elements (Polaar)
  17. Grieta- Original Mix by Sueuga Kamau on Grieta (Self Released)
  18. Noche De Verano (Dinamarca Remix) by Ms Nina & Talisto (Self Released)
  19. Msmsmsm by SOPHIE on Msmsmsm / Vyzee (Numbers)
  20. It's Love by Recovery Girl (DESKPOP)
  21. Don't Be My Light (IXXF remix) by Recovery Girl (Self Released)
  22. Parallel * Prism by P*Light (HARDCORE TANO*C)
  23. When I Rule The World by LIZ (Mad Decent)
  24. Immaterial by SOPHIE on Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (Transgressive Records)