Despair on the Air #68 w/ thanks for coming

Our 68th episode of Despair on the Air where we welcome a very special guest, Rachel Brown of thanks for coming!

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“Lose Yourself” cover by Water From Your Eyes

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  1. Are You There by Slaughter Beach, Dog on At The Moonbase (Lame-O) New
  2. Featured 200 million steps by thanks for coming on to be honest, i was lying (Beauty Fool)
  3. Chihiro by Soft Blue Shimmer on Heaven Inches Away (Disposable America)
  4. 7 Smile by Lily Konigsberg on 4 Picture Tear (Ramp Local)
  5. Gay Girls by Pillow Queens on In Waiting (Self-Released)
  6. Bleachers by Emily Yacina on Remember the Silver (Self-Released)
  7. Wrong by Olivia Kaplan on Single (Topshelf) New
  8. Cell Games and Beyond by The Cradle on Bag of Holding (NNA Tapes)
  9. Raining in My Room by This Is Lorelei on OK N8 (Self-Released)
  10. Lilacs by Waxahatchee on Saint Cloud (Merge)