World of Echo Episode 127


  1. Losing My Taste for the Nightlife by Arthur Russell on Sketches for World of Echo June 25 1984 Live At Experimental Intermedia (Audika)
  2. Loop 7 by Hali Palombo on Cylinder Loops (Astral Editions)
  3. Everything Without Shadow by Carmen Villain on Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita (Geographic North)
  4. Nor by Loren Connors and Oren Ambarchi on Leone (Family Vineyard)
  5. Untitled [excerpt] by Robert Turman on Flux (Spectrum Spools)
  6. EXTRACT - Best that you do this for me by Jim O'Rourke on Best that you do this for me (Another Timbre)
  7. Sixth Yama: Evening by Amelia Cuni/Werner Durand on Ashtayama: Song of Hours (Amiata Records)
  8. Saucer Men by Rob Noyes & Sam Moss on Rob Noyes & Sam Moss (Scissor Tail)
  9. Primo quadro della conoscenza (da Dialoghi dal presente) by Luciano Cilio on Dell'Universo Assente (EMI)
  10. Chrysalis Nu (To Barney's Memory) by Harold Budd on Avalon Sutra (Samadhisound)