The B0ardcast Episode 30


  1. Things Haven't Been the Same (Since You Got Back From Italy) by L A N D L I N E S on Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead (Visit
  2. i held my baby at the high school hop by kurt on miami carey (Visit
  3. Last Night I Made A Tape by Mark Wynn on Skivvy: A Much More Noble Occupation (Visit
  4. Louis by The Pooches on Dinner Date (Visit
  5. Fran Drescher by Larry & the Babes on The Dolphin Tapes (Visit
  6. twenty five by the fuku on i can hope my brain will change (Visit
  7. She's So Young (The Pursuit of Happiness cover) by Lab Coast on CS031 - Away From Here (Visit
  8. song from sanford raccoon by Jacob Borshard on The Last Brontosaurus (Label)
  9. Close by Lizard Kisses on In The Morning b/w Close 7 (Visit
  10. Sleep All Day by Ovens on Beau Goes To The Hospital (Lebl)
  11. Cassandra B. by Posse on Soft Opening (Visit
  12. Spider's Home by Michael O. on Really? (Visit
  13. Bottle-O Farrell by The S-Bends on Makin' Tracks (Visit
  14. Hey Joan by The Stammer on Hey Joan (Visit
  15. Sugar by Starry Eyed Cadet on Starry Eyed Cadet (Visit
  16. motor away by halfsour on under the pickles, under the brine (Visit
  17. Rude Boy by Diners on Throw Me a Ten (Visit
  18. Lost on the River by Radiator Hospital on Hank Williams Compilation (Visit
  19. Angel of Death by Pill Friends on Hank Williams Compilation (Visit
  20. Aloha, Mr. Hand by Benny The Jet Rodriguez on Home. Run. ( Song ID: 239569519)
  21. Stopped & Stared by Pennycress on SEE US SWELL (Visit
  22. For Arlincita by Franny & Zooey on Bottled Up And Ready To Go (Visit
  24. Rocky by flout on gims (Visit
  25. What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tuna by Happy on Swan Songs Vol. 1 (Visit
  26. New Operation by Honey Bucket on Futon (Visit
  27. Lemonhead Boy by Jessica & The Fletchers on TD - 08 ''Jessica & The Fletchers / The Prams -Split Cassette'' (Visit
  28. Mess by The Prams on TD - 08 ''Jessica & The Fletchers / The Prams -Split Cassette'' (Visit
  29. el dorado by ice cream social on what time is the (Visit
  30. indoor pool by spring onion on high school buddies (Visit
  31. W.W.K.D (What Would Kitty Do?) by Alfred Daniels Midland on Giraffe Pop Music Combo (label)
  32. Another Shit Teen Movie by Dog Legs on Dog Legs - Awkward EP (Visit
  33. Such A Shame by Let's Say We Did on Such A Shame EP (Visit
  34. No Deal by woolen men on Rain Shapes EP (Visit
  35. july by golden hour on GOLDEN HOUR (Visit
  36. Sunchokes by SPORTS on Sunchokes (Visit
  37. today by cry about it on cry about it (Visit
  38. Mature Gracefully (I Do Not Work For Anyone) by Younger Lovers on Rock Flawless (label)
  39. Pale by Young Romance on Young Romance (Visit
  40. Feel The Pain by Dinosaur Jr. on Without A Sound (label)
  41. Jellybean by Kenickie on Catsuit City 7 (label)
  42. Fim da Estrada by Treli Feli Repi on Mau Comportamento (EP) (Transfusão Noise Records. TNR.063)
  43. Aimee by Bearhug on So Gone (label)
  44. Need Ya by Claire & The Cops on Lounge Lovers (Visit
  45. small talk by American Culture on BOYRACER and AMERICAN CULTURE split (Visit
  46. festering brine by BAD DADDIES on BAD DADDIES + HARD LEFT split EP (Visit
  47. Out the Window by Bam! Bam! on Bam! Bam! (Visit