Ep.131 02.07.21 (Broadcasting From Home 33) (TRIBUTE TO SOPHIE)


  1. Rain Kiss by Caro on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  2. On A Mountain (Sonxc Remix) by Danny L. Harle on Harlecore (Mad Decent)
  3. Snow Globe by Himera, Petal Supply, Gupi (PC Music)
  4. vandalize god (blaadee mechatok lorenzosenni) by Beam Boy on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  5. Mezzanine by S-Type on LuckyMe Advent Calendar 2020 (LuckyMe)
  6. 745 Sticky (Galen Tipton Stickier Remix) by 100 Gecs on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  7. SUPERMILKCHAN(Naka chan&kimo ota&nijikon Edit) by Jersey Kurabu on Self-Release (Jersey Kurabu)
  8. alice longyu gao f/ fraxiom - i <3 harajuku [texas baby jamster ringtone] by Texas Baby on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  9. B WHO I WANT 2 B (LUCY LOHAN VER.) by NAMIE AMURO FT. HATSUNE MIKU on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  10. CaramellSosa by Miles Purr Hour NXC on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  11. Never Thought by Danny Sunshine on Month of Mayhem (PC Music)
  12. True (umru Remix) by Hannah Diamond on Folder Dot Zip (PC Music)
  13. Me4U (A.G. Cook Remix) by Danny L. Harle on 1UL EP (PC Music)
  14. Digits In My Phone by Navo on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  15. SOAP (Dirty MIXX) by AJ Simons on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  16. The Way I Feel (Life Sim Remix) by DOSS on DOSS (PC Music)
  17. LIFE AFTER LIFE by endworld1000000000 on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  18. Seven Inch Nails by KITN on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  19. HARD by SOPHIE on PRODUCT (Numbers)
  20. Friday Night (SOPHIE Remix) by GFOTY on GFOTYBUCKS (PC Music)
  21. SOMEBODY LIKE YOU by SOPHIE on Unreleased Songs (Self-Released)
  22. BIPP by SOPHIE on PRODCUT (Numbers)
  23. Is It (SOPHIE Tribute) by Derek Piotr on Self-Release (Self-Release)