cheetle radio 2.26.21...our life coach made us do it. (repeat!)

hello, cheetle.

"I met this guy who's a life coach. I could be a fucking life coach for fuck's sake. What is that? What the fuck is it? You tell me. I mean, I'll be a life coach and a New York minute. This guy's traveled all over the world, making a fucking fortune, a life coach. See that whole, you know, this whole self improvement and all this shit and these people making all this money, telling these, these people who don't have a fucking thought in their own heads, they have to be guided and led through every fucking rat's maze that they create for them. So what in the world, I'll be a cult leader for fuck's sake. Bring me, you know, weak minded trust fund babies. Just line them up!" - Harriet B. Kahn

We don't need no coach for life. We have rock 'n' roll. Peep the show for fresh tunes from Kurt Vile, Night Beats, Sextile, and many more.


the cheetles


  1. Helter Skelter by The Beatles on The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)
  2. snake in the grass by the murlocs on Old Locomotive (Flightless)
  3. benny's here by natural child on okey dokey (natural child music)
  4. another love by dead gosts on love and death and all the rest (Burger Records)
  5. what more can i do by the zombies on begin here (decca)
  6. Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday by the clientele on suburban light (merge)
  7. all night long by The Frowning Clouds (self released)
  8. hey joel, where you going with that by ty segall, white fence on joy (drag city)
  9. legs in september by cool ghouls on gord's horse (melodic)
  10. sweet angel by Jimi Hendrix on both sides of the sky (reprise records)
  11. & Her Psychedelic Subconscious by mr. elevator and the brain hotel on Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconscious (burger)
  12. buick McCane by the slider on T. Rex (spirit records inc)
  13. a child of a few hours is burning to death by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band on A Child's Guide to Good and Evil (Reprise)
  14. wah-wah by george harrison on all things must pass (apple records)
  15. vision forever by burnt ones on you'll never walk alone (burger records)
  16. her cold cold heart by night beats on myth of a man (heavenly records)
  17. check baby by kurt vile on bottle it in (matador)
  18. nobody home by dead meadow on the nothing they need (xemu records)
  19. face in ski mask bodies to the wind by liars on titles with the word fountain (mute records)
  20. drop you by sextile on 3 (felte)
  21. a tree not a leaf am i by king khan on never hold on (Khannibalisim)
  22. nubes de piña by healing gems on feathered serpent (764749 records)
  23. dark side by the shadows of night on gloria (Dunwich Records 666)
  24. immortal tortoise by ORB on Naturality (Castle Face)
  25. or, the anatomy of the image by lyonais on or, the anatomy of the image (geographic north)