Louise Episode 96 19871981

Good Morning, This is Louise.

Episode 96 - 19871981

music by Muslimgauze, and Chris & Cosey
with binaural ambient recordings by Rambalac
and the voices of Louise Bourgeois, and Andy Warhol
programmed and produced by @small_ernst

Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa

Thank you for listening



  1. Abu Nidal/Coup D'Etat by Muslimgauze on Abu Nidal/Coup D'Etat (Soleilmoon Recordings)
  2. Heartbeat by Chris & Cosey on Heartbeat (Peer Music)
  3. Her Knee (De Goět Spécial) by Chris & Cosey on Collected Works - 1981-2000 (Copyright Control)