Professional Fans Radio - Death Records Takeover!

Death Records is a local label run by Brian Wakefield. Marisa sat down with Brian to play tunes from the tape label and talk about upcoming Deathstock -- the label's one year anniversary party happening in Guerneville on Jun 26, 27, 28th!


  1. Your Heart by Girlpool
  2. The Thunder Answers Back by Eskimeaux on O.K. (Double Double Whammy)
  3. Beside You by The Pesos on Fun Guys (Death Records)
  4. Tasmanian Tiger by Concentration on Clumsy (Death Records)
  5. Goodbye by Plastixx
  6. Pump Up The Jam by DSTVV on Target Demographic (Death Records)
  7. Michael Says by Froogy's Groovies on Live in Outerspace (Death Records)
  8. I Don't Want To Remember You by Smiles (Death Records)
  9. Night Clubbing (Iggy Pop Cover) by Tomorrow's Tulips on Death Stock Compilation (Death Records)
  10. Touch by Part/Human (Death Records)
  11. Pretty by Tiaras on Deathstock Compilation (Death Records)
  12. Gum by Teenage Chain on Deathstock Compilation (Death Records)
  13. Total Control by Motor Inn on Deathstock Compilation (Death Stock)
  14. Break
  15. Cherry Tree by Sam Evian
  16. so lovely by skinny jesus on goddamn savior (DEATH RECORDS/gnar tapes)
  17. I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) by Jamie XX ft. Yung Thug (Young Turks)
  18. Windowpain by Mild High Club on Windowpain 7'' (Stonesthrow Records)
  19. Richard by Run DMT on Dreams (Culture Dealer)
  20. Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman on All My Best
  21. American Summer by American Summer 7'' on The Memories (Randy Records)
  22. Play It Again Dick by The Sandwitches on Our toast (Empty Cellar Records)
  23. Hostage Jam by Healing Potpurri on Hostage Jam 7'' (Death Records)
  24. Jack Knife by Past Life on Deathstock Compilation (Death Records)
  25. Girl Don't Change Your Mind by Golly McCry on Tropic of Capricorn (Death Records)
  26. I Don't Care by Prince Innocence on Easy Life EP
  27. Never Fear by The Talkies on Sojourner (Death Records)