1. Lawman by Girl Band on The Early Years (Rough Trade)
  2. Battered Children Twirling Battered Batons by The Union Of A Man And A Woman on The Sound Of The Union Of A Man And A Woman (Jagjaguwar)
  3. The Fine Wrinkles; We Have All Of Them by Sweep The Leg Johnny on Sto Cazzo! (Southern)
  4. Spit You Out by Metz on II (Sub Pop)
  5. Like A Version by Never Young on Never Young EP (Father/Daughter)
  6. All The Time by Pope on Fiction (Community)
  7. Cue Cards by Lync on These Are Not Fall Colors (K)
  8. Hey! I Wanna Be Yr Best Friend by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
  9. New Heaven, New Earth by Elvis Depressedly on New Alhambra (Run for Cover)
  10. You're Dumb by Dealership on Secret American Livingroom (Self-released)
  11. Nobodies by TV Torso on Status Quo Vadis (Self-released)
  12. Palace Doctor by Thee Oh Sees on Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face)
  13. Move On by Totally Mild on Down Time (Bedroom Suck)
  14. Leftovers by Dick Diver on Melbourne, Florida (Trouble In Mind)
  15. New Moves by Twerps on Range Anxiety (Merge)
  16. Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett on How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose (Milk!)
  17. Land Gone by Novella on Land (Sinderlyn)
  18. Break
  19. Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair by Grooms on Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair (Western Vinyl)
  20. When Cornered by Beauty Pill on Describes Things As They Are (Butterscotch)
  21. Image by J Fernandez on Memorize Now (Atelier Ciseaux)
  22. Broken Necks by Eskimeaux on O.K. (Double Double Whammy)
  23. Ten Minutes by Human Television on Look At Who You're Talking To (Gigantic)
  24. Never Be The Same by Built To Spill on Untethered Moon (Warner Brothers)
  25. Slash Your Tires by Luna on Lunapark (Elektra)
  26. For Guys' Eyes Only by Hockey Night on Keep Guessin (Lookout!)
  27. Ottobar Afterhours by The Oranges Band on The Oranges Band Are Invisible (Self-released)
  28. Stay In The Summer by Weed on Running Back (Lefse)
  29. The Idea Of You by The New Year on The New Year (Touch & Go)
  30. Eventually by Tame Impala on Currents (Interscope)