World of Echo Episode 132


  1. Let's Go Swimming (live 6/24/84) by Arthur Russell on Sketches for World of Echo June 25 1984 Live At Experimental Intermedia (Audika)
  2. Kajri Dadra by Ustad Bismillah Khan on Shehnai Samrat (T-Series)
  3. This Was The Only Spot That Was Green by Che Chen & Robbie Lee on The Spectrum Does (audioMER)
  4. Set-2-2 (excerpt) by Anthony Braxton on Anthony Braxton – Past, Present, Future: Selections From The Tri-Centric Foundation Archives Vol. 2 (New Braxton House)
  5. Hoy Polloy III by Caldwell/Tester on Live Times 2.1 (Medium Sound)
  6. Inveterate Observatories by Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers on A Cassowary Apart (Bedroom Suck Records)
  7. Curtain by Gunn-Truscinksi Duo on Soundkeeper (Three Lobed Recordings)
  8. The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles by John Cale & Terry Riley on Church of Anthrax (Columbia Records)
  9. The shape of the land by David Shea on The Thousand Buddha Caves (Room40)
  10. Hello Stranger by Julia Holter on Loud City Song (Domino)