sleeves on hearts / march 12, 2021


  1. Someone You Use by Candi Staton on I'm Just A Prisoner (Fame (1970))
  2. Use Me by Esther Phillips on Alone Again, Naturally (Kudu (1972))
  3. Fellowship by serpentwithfeet on Deacon (Secretly Canadian) New
  4. My Friend Today by Left Banke on Too (Sundazed (1968))
  5. Loneliness by Rob Crow on Everybody's Got Damage (2020) (Joyful Noise)
  6. All Is Lonliness by Moondog on 2 (CBS (1971))
  7. Seven Months by Mouse On Mars on AAI (Thrill Jockey) New
  8. The Burning World by Plankton Wat on Future Times (Thrill Jockey) New
  9. Dreamcom by The Green Child on Shimmering Beast (Upset the Rhythm) New
  10. Jump Drive Shut-Out by Stereolab on Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4] (Warp / Duophoniuc (2006)) New
  11. Rapapapa by Rich Brian on The Sailor (88rising (2019))
  12. Un Caïd by Aksak Maboul on Figures (Crammed Discs (2020)) New
  13. My First Lover by Gillian Welch on Time (The Revelator) (Acony (2001))
  14. Triple Moine by Thurston Moore on 12-String Meditations For Jack Rose (VDSQ Volume 5) (Vin Du Select Qualitite / Thin Wrist Recordings (2011))
  15. Miles & Miles by Jenny Hoyston on Hold On, Loosely (self released)
  16. Pearls by Kurt Vile on Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP) (Matador (2020))
  17. Teardrop by Santo & Johnny on Encore (Canadian American Records (1960))
  18. Maybe by Roy Orbison on The Orbison Way (MGM (1965))
  19. Maybe Not by Cat Power on You Are Free (Matador (2003))
  20. Dungeon Dance (2021 Remaster) by Mary Timony on Mountains (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (Matador (2000/2020))
  21. Tahitian Moon by Porno For Pyros on Good God's Urge (Warner Bros (1996))
  22. I Can See For Miles by Tina Turner on Acid Queen (United Artists (1975))
  23. Miles Chillin' by Clutchy Hopkins on The Storyteller (Ubiquity (2010))
  24. The New Normal by Madlib on Sound Ancestors (Madlib Invasion) New
  25. Nalina Da Vur Mihina Da by Serter Bağcan on Psych Funk a' la Turkish Vol.1 (Turk-A-Disk)
  26. It's Over by Erma Franklin on Her Name Is Erma (Epic (1962))
  27. Gypsy Man by War on Deliver The World (United Artists (1973))
  28. Y Mas Gan by Abyssinians on Satta Massagana (Heartbeat (1975))
  29. Dance by ESG on A South Bronx Story (Soul Jazz (1983))
  30. Don't Worry by The B-52's on Whammy! (Warner Bros (1983))
  31. Nwampfundla by Tshetsha Boys on Shangaan Electro New Wave Dance Music From South Africa (Honest Johns (2010))
  32. Sting Me Ah Sting by Shelly Thunder on The Best Of Shelly Thunder (Rohit (1990))
  33. Elastic Dance by African Head Charge on My Life In A Hole In The Ground (U-Sound (1981))
  34. Higher You'll Find (radio edit) by MADE Kuti on For(e)ward (Partisan) New