B-Side Dreams 222 - Viscerals

New music by Mere Women, Fake Fruit, Fritz, Placement, Antonioni and more. This originally aired 3/13/21.


  1. Interlude by Mere Women on Romantic Notions (Poison City) New
  2. Charms by Mere Women on Romantic Notions (Poison City) New
  3. Treasure by Adele & The Chandeliers on First Date (Self)
  4. Destroy Everything by Jess Locke on Single (Dot Dot Dash)
  5. Die Happily by Fritz on Pastel (PIAS / Inertia)
  6. Harder by Placement on Single (Self)
  7. You're So Gross by BoysnLove on Just Desserts (Self)
  8. Great American Pastime by Scrawl on Plus, Also, Too (Self)
  9. Old Skin by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks in Your Head) New Local
  10. Aura by Moon Rituals on Single (I Heard a Whisper)
  11. Monochrome by Hanya on Single (Sneaky Dog)
  12. No Gloom by Rosehip Teahouse on Fine (Big Indie)
  13. Tongue by Queen's Cup on Single (Papaiti)
  14. Used to Be by Womb on Single (Self)
  15. Mary Bell - Acoustic by Antonioni on Single (Lauren) New
  16. Sad Girl Summer by smol fish on Single (Self) New
  17. - - - by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky)