Hella Music Monday | Ep. 6

Counting down to the end of COVID-19 with two hours of non-stop HELLA gay music live from San Francisco's Ferry Building!


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What did you do one year ago when you heard everything would change? We danced.


  1. Aretha Franklin & C&C Music Factory - Pride! (A Deeper Love) (DrewG. 2018 Remix) by Drew G on Single (Self)
  2. Playground by Steve Lacy on Apollo XXI ( Self)
  3. Cheers by Mariah Counts on Single (Self)
  4. Play by Jax Jones on Single (Polydor)
  5. Lemon Boy - Live at Hoxton Hall by cavetown on Single (Self)
  6. Salve! (L: LUCID Remix) by Wallis Bird on Single (Antifragile Music)
  7. Type of Way [Prod. GALACTIKBASSMUSIK] by Prince Airick on Single (Self)
  8. Runaway by AW (Allison Weiss) on Single (SideOneDummy)
  9. Cyborg by Myylo on Single (Self)
  10. Alive In The Summertime by Becky Krill on Single (Self)
  11. lovely. by Gregory Dillon on Single (Self)
  12. Indigo by Elisabeth Beckwitt on Indigo (Self)
  13. Rhythm & Music by Keiynan Lonsdale on single (Self)
  14. Holes in My Shoes by Maple St. on Single (The Orange House)
  15. Burn Me (Ben Howell Remix) by Venn Smyth on Single (Self)
  16. I Am America by Shea Diamond on Single (East West Records LLC)
  17. The Magic Mountain (Remix) by Owen Duff on The Lines Of She (Self)
  18. I Don't Do Boys by Elektra on Single (Hands Up Music)
  19. Shut Up by Greyson Chance on Single (Self)
  20. This Baby Don't Cry by kflay on single (Self)
  21. Hellhounds Of Alcatraz by Matt Jaffe on Single (Self) Local
  22. Stock Image by Miya Folick on Premonitions (Terrible Records)
  23. Runner by Kevin Abstract on American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story (QUESTION EVERYTHING INC.)
  24. Eyelids by SARO on Boy Afraid (Self)
  25. Bitter. by Yavin on Single (Self)
  26. Kelly by The Aces on Under My Influence (Red Bull Records)
  27. FOREVER ANYWAY by Ryan Ashley on Guess My Friends Were Right (Self)
  28. Flirting with Her by Sir Babygirl on Crush on Me (Father/Daughter)
  29. Gasoline - Ekzander 3am Sad Mix by Max Lawrence on Single (Self)
  30. Victoria by Victoria Canal on Single (Self)
  31. Basically Over You (B.O.Y.) by Alex Newell on Single (Warner)
  32. Tell Me Smooth by Matthew V. on Single (Self)