The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Black Tape For A Blue Girl & DJ Darquedesmodus (Kansas City) 3/23/21


  1. Given by Black Tape For A Blue Girl on As One Aflame Laid Bare By Desire (Projekt)
  2. I Am Screaming by Gary Numan on Intruder (unreleased)
  3. Destroyer by The Birthday Massacre on Superstition (Metropolis)
  4. Garlands by Cocteau Twins on Garlands (4AD)
  5. Ionia by Lycia on Ionia (Projekt)
  6. The Pleasure In The Pain by Black Tape For A Blue Girl on 10 Neurotics (Projekt)
  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Specimen on Batastrophe (Sire)
  8. True Faith by New Order on (The Best Of) NewOrder (Warner Bros)
  9. Dunkelziffer by SITD on Dunkelziffer (Scanner)
  10. Planet Earth by Hate Dept on Newer Wave 2.0 (21st Circuitry)
  11. Revenge by Trust Obey vs Paved In Skin on An Industrial Tribute To Ministry (Cleopatra)
  12. Evening Market Of The Petal Fields > Part 3 by Sam Rosenthal / Jarguna on Sunwashed Evening Fire (Projekt)
  13. Dewy Fields by Bel Canto on Birds Of Passage (Nettwerk)