Sounds In The Dark - 3.23.21

Tonight's edition features tons of new music including work from Balmorhea, Ian Hawgood + Steijn Huwels, 36, Taylor Deupree, Chihei Hatakeyama, Marisa Anderson, Julian Lage, Alessandro Cortini, Mouse on Mars and beautiful warm guitar drones from Islay Banks' new release, Confluence.


  1. La Vagabonde by Balmorhea on The Wind (Deutsche Grammophon)

    New Releases April 9th.

  2. Channeling by Taylor Deupree on Splices (Moderna Records)

    New A commemorative release by Moderna for Piano Day 2021.

  3. About Coming and Leaving by Nils Frahm on About Coming and Leaving (Erased Tapes) New
  4. Red Morning by Billow Observatory on Red Morning (felte)

    New Released March 19th

  5. The Night Dried Up by K. Leimer on A Figure of Loss (Palace of Lights)
  6. Helix III by Kelly Moran on Chain Reaction at Dusk (Hospital Productions)
  7. Dr. Dream by Melorman on Getting Sleepy (Melorman)

    New Released March 5th

  8. Klappen II by Golden Ivy on Klappen (Malmo Inre)
  9. Lost Futures by Marisa Anderson / William Tyler on Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey)

    New Album releases August 27th, 2021

  10. Goodbye Yesterday's World by 36 on Music for Isolation (suite) (3six Recordings)

    New Released March 17th

  11. Twilight Sea by Chihei Hatakeyama on Late Spring (Gearbox Records)

    New Album releases on April 7th

  12. IV by Ian Hawgood + Stijn Huwels on Voices (Home Normal)

    New Released March 19th.

  13. CHIAROSCURO by Alessandro Cortini on CHIAROSCURO (Mute)

    New Released March 10th.

  14. It's Only by Herbert on Bodily Functions (!K7)
  15. Thousand to One by Mouse on Mars on AAI (Thrill Jockey)

    New Released Feb. 26th.

  16. Warm Kane by Moss Covered Technology on Seafields (Dronarivm)

    New Releases March 26th

  17. Saint Rose by Julian Lage on Saint Rose (Blue Note) New
  18. Confluence by Islay Banks on Confluence (Eric Ruud / Jake Mann) New Local