1. Away From by Caleborate on Hear Me Out (TBKTR) Local
  2. The Madness by Caleborate on The Madness (TBKTR) Local
  3. Dive Out by Mono/Poly on MONOTOMIC (NAYMLIS)
  4. 50/50 20/20 by Pllush on Split (Father/Daughter Records) Local
  5. Smile by S4U on Heart 2 Say (Different Recordings)
  6. Klonopin by Ah-Mer-Ah-Su on Rebecca (Ah-Mer-Ah-Su) Local
  7. Motion by ASTU on Motion (Boyish Records) Local
  8. Northside by Ama Lou on Ama, Who? (AMA LOU)
  9. FRANKIE MUNIZ by BLACKSTARKIDS on Whatever, Man (Dirty Hit)
  10. Summer by Bktherula on Nirvana (Warner Records Inc.)
  11. AIN'T GON STOP ME by reggie, Monte Booker & Kenny Beats on AIN'T GON STOP ME (stomp down)
  12. Ignant by NiNE8, Biig Piig, Lava La Rue, Bone Slim on No Smoke (Self-Released)
  13. Bias by Floating Points on Crush (Pluto (Ninja Tune))
  14. SIX PACK by Asha Imuno on Good News (b4)
  15. Trip to Düsseldorf by Salmon Cat on Trip to Düsseldorf (SR)
  16. She Stole My Heart by Ark Woods on Hell and HI Water 2 (BRIM DOG RECORDS LLC)
  17. Mentally Here by Azizi Gibson on Mentally Here (Prehistoric)
  18. WORKING by Cartel Madras, Jide on WORKING (Royal Mountain Records)