1. The Anti-Self by Gangus on Anti Self (DOME OF DOOM)
  2. S3x-E-b^k by Osc Kins & Speed Gonzales (self released)
  3. LStrass (Toma Kami Pata Mix) by 2UNDER8 on (Sensualist EP) (self released)
  4. MODUL8 by NEED YOU on Acceler8ed EP (Through These Eyes)
  5. Coming Up, Yuliya (Amor Satyr Remix) by G3 on Koriko (Rudimentary Records)
  6. Eggún by Sonido Berzerk on Lenguage (Ten Toes Turbo)
  7. Star (feat. Mono/Poly & Tanerélle) by Machinedrum (Ninja Tune)
  8. New Decade (Yung.Raj Remix) by Gecin on Crystal Stairs Remix Edition (RAIDERS)
  9. Kindred Spirits On The Dancefloor by ThugWidow on [Club Glow] ([Club Glow])
  10. Franchise Paypal Rx by DJ Paypal (self released)
  11. Everybody (feat. Freshmoon) by DJ Rashad on (I Don’t Give A Fuck) ((I Don’t Give A Fuck))
  12. Doppler by AGUSTIN G on PLAN G (Serial Killer Tunes)
  13. Self Destruction by Bman on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  14. On Right Now by Fracture & Sam Binga on (AIR001) ((AIR001))
  15. Work Dreams by Xyla on Queens of Club: Astral Booty (RAIDERS)
  16. work that by Manny (unreleased)
  17. POSSESED (LIAM K. SWIGGS 160 VIP) by PARIDISO (self released)
  18. Can You Feel It by MoonDoctoR x DJ Rashad (self released)
  19. KIRBY by SNKLS on RAVETOOLS (Black Marble Collective)
  20. Sientate by DJ Chap on TEKLIFEVIP2020 (Teklife)
  21. BS6 by Hyroglifics & Sinistarr (Hoover Sound)
  22. Spliff A Day by Courtice on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  23. Wanted You by Trophy on Liminal Space (Trax Haven)
  24. Red Stripe (DV 60 Edit) by DOCTOR JEEP & SINISTARR ((Trax Haven))
  25. Step 2 by PlayPlay on RAVETOOLS (Black Marble Collective)
  26. Octo by Deft & Lewis James on Teleporter (B4 Music) New
  27. SPINZ 808 TEST by Kush Jones on Strictly For My CDJZ 6 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  28. Badboy by Selector Spinach ((Amen4Tekno))
  29. Charged by Kray on The Year of the Ox (Unchained)
  30. Paper Faces (feat. Martyna Baker) (Ivy Lab Remix) by Lenzman (self released)
  31. Thought Disposal by Client_03 on APHA021 (Astrophonica)
  32. It's Jungle Mate by FOTH on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  33. Trust by D.I.S on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  34. Chaos Control (True Story Rx) by DJ Taye on P4: Special Stage (self released)
  35. Step back by Dj Sofa (self released)
  36. BADBWOY TUNAGE by Pzg & Dubsknit on RE-REWIND vol.1 (self released)
  37. Goose Man by Sebby T ((Beetroot Records))
  38. Ganja Smuggling by Parch on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  39. HAHA (NO) by RITCHRD on Quarantine (Morning After Pill Radio)
  40. Acid Bit (feat Addison Groove) by DJ Rashad (Hyperdub)
  41. WHATCHU DOIN MY BOY by THE HEIGHTS (self released)
  42. Let Me Show You feat LaMeduza (Phase 2 Remix) by Paul SG and T.R.A.C. (self released)
  43. Psychoanalysisss by Ekzander (self released)
  44. Great Torrington by HitFiend on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  45. Not Alone by Movin Whata on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)
  46. The Tenth Round by Mooreman on The Extra EP (self released)
  47. Sounds Of Silence by General Waste, Humb & Thrackh (self released)
  48. COVID-23 by For Example, John on Quarantunes (TFA Audio UK)