1. Control by Mannequin Pussy on Perfect (Epitaph)
  2. Drink the Poison by Sweet Reaper on Microdose (Alien Snatch)
  3. Right or Wrong by Boyracer on Right or Wrong EP (Emotional Response)
  4. Desconfía De Ese Chico by Rata Negra on Una Vida Vulgar (Self Released)
  5. Group Disease by N0V3L on Non-Fiction (Flemish Eye)
  6. Gates of Heaven by Together Pangea (Self Released)
  7. Drop the Torch by Early Riser on Vocations (A-F)
  8. Lögn by Skiftande Enheter on Lögn b/w Bättre Förr (Chunklet Industries)
  9. Margin Notes by Partial Traces on Only Wanted U (Salinas)
  10. Love's a High Bow by Caution on Caution (Born Yesterday)
  11. Sun Ra Jane by Lifeguard on Receiver b/w Sun Ra Jane (Chunklet Industries)
  12. Just Another Human by Ibex Clone on From Nowhere (Self Released)
  13. Feel It Disappearing by Monnone Alone (Emotional Response)
  14. Fruits Of My Labor by Waxahatchee on Saint Cloud +3 (Merge)
  15. Florence by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Taxi Gauche)
  16. Love at Psychedelicc Velocity by Dead Ghosts (Self Released)
  17. Who Took The Rain by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Dirt Cult)
  18. Mary Bell by Antonioni on S/T (Lauren)
  19. Nature Kids by Gulfer on Gulfer (Topshelf)
  20. Forest by Special Friend on Howlin Banana (Hidden Bay)
  21. Never in Time by Feeling Figures on Feeling Figures (Celluloid Lunch)
  22. Part of Me by Squitch on Learn to Be Alone (Self Released)
  23. 8:00 AM by Nanny on Can't Remember Can't Forget (Midnight Werewolf)
  24. Don't Put It on Me by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks In Your Head)
  25. Present In The Moment by Eades (Self Released)
  26. Don't Trust The Government by White Fang on Don't Want To Hear It (Gnar Tapes)
  27. Stone by Stone by Melissa Mary Ahern (FatCat)
  28. Slow Dress by Maraudeur on Puissance 4 (Self Released)
  29. Movement Now by Kaputt on Movement Not / Another War Talk (Upset The Rhythm)
  30. Sinking Feeling by Wavves (Fat Possum)
  31. Find the Right Fit by The Sueves on Tears of Joy (Self Released)
  32. Metaphysical Dice by Michael Beach on Dream Violence (Goner)
  33. Sunday Best by Civic on Future Forecast (Flightless)
  34. The Upstairs Museum by Swan Wash on The Upstairs Museum (Sister Cylinder)
  35. Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning on New Long Leg (4AD)
  36. Kaleidoscope by The Fragiles on On and On (Living Lost)
  37. Parasite by The Coathangers on Parasite EP (Suicide Squeeze)