Sounds In The Dark - 4.7.21

Tonight's edition features new music from Loscil, Mammal Hands, K. Leimer and a spin from Bay Area electronic composer Pauline Anna Strom's first record in 30 years (spoiler: it's fabulous). Sit back and relax while the sonic tapestry unfolds.


  1. Vespera by Loscil on Clara (Kranky)

    New Album release is May 28th

  2. Phase 06 - Dialogue With A River by Solar Fields on Until We Meet The Sky (droneform recordings)
  3. The Echoing Green by The Gentleman Losers on Dustland (The Gentleman Losers)
  4. Sinope by Dawn of Midi on Dysnomia (Erased Tapes)
  5. Haboob by Daniel Herskedal on Voyage (Daniel Herskedal)

    New Released March 8th

  6. The Gates Made Plain by Craig Leon on The Anthropology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2 (RVNG Intl)
  7. OUR SIDE HAS TO WIN (for D.H.) by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! (Constellation)

    New Released Feb. 4th, 2021

  8. Dulce by Suso Saiz on Nothing Is Objective (Music From Memory)

    Features Christian Fennesz on guitar.

  9. A Lapse In Suffering by K. Leimer on Found Objects (Palace of Lights)

    New Released April 2, 2021

  10. Featured Equatorial Sunrise by Pauline Anna Strom on Angel Tears in Sunlight (RVNG Intl)

    New Local Strom's first record in 30 years was released on February 19th, 2021. All recorded in the same San Francisco apartment Strom has lived in for 40 years.

  11. The Real Devil by Zelienople on The World Is A House On Fire (Immune Recordings)
  12. Oni by Mammal Hands on Oni (Gondwana Records) New
  13. Bergen (Live) by Rymden on Live in Umea (Jazzland Recordings)
  14. Hangingstones by Craven Faults on Erratics & Unconformities (The Leaf Label)
  15. Badtimes by Laika on Good Looking Blues (Too Pure Records)
  16. To The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth by Mogwai on As The Love Continues (Temporary Residence)
  17. Sweet Honeybee of Infinity by Boy Robot on Rotten Cocktails (City Centre Offices)