The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ The Frozen Autumn & The RGV Communion Collective (McAllen, TX) 4/13/21


  1. Tomorrow's Life by The Frozen Autumn on The Fellow Traveller (Metropolis)
  2. Ours Again by The Eden House on Songs For The Broken Ones (Jungle)
  3. Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Mix) by Emilie Autumn (Trisol)
  4. Juliette by Solemn Novena on Kiss The Girls (Alice In...)
  5. Sex Beat by The Gun Club on Sex Beat 81 (Lolita)
  6. Sidereal Solutude by The Frozen Autumn on Chirality (Metropolis)
  7. I Cry (Re-Work) by Rotersand on I Cry EP (Metropolis)
  8. Golgota by Gozer on Intergracion (Menta Rota)
  9. Live And Die by Angels Of Suicide on Codex One Vol. 3 (Mind Murder)
  10. Is Everything Real? by The Frozen Autumn on Emotional Screening Device (Calembour)