Ep. 137 (04.11.21) Broadcasting From Home 39


  1. Machine Language 1 by Claude Larson on Industrial Future (Sonoton)
  2. Honey by DMX Krew on We Are DMX (Rephlex)
  3. Nude Walkin' by Craig T. Cooper on Love Dues (Valley Vue Records)
  4. Computer Monkey by J.M. Band on Computer Monkey (Emmegi Records)
  5. Cybernetic Love by Casco on Cybernetic Love (House Of Music)
  6. Disco Computer by Trans Volta on The Sounds of Belgium (NEWS)
  7. E=MC² No More Klein & Mbo Remix) by Giorgio Moroder on E=MC² (MB Disco)
  8. Under The Ice by Topo & Roby on Under The Ice (Il Discotto Productions)
  9. Megatron Man by Patrick Cowley on Megatron Man (Megatone Records)
  10. The Force (Part 1 & 2) by Droids on The Force (Part 1 & 2) (Barclay)
  11. World Invaders by Pluton And Humanoids on World Invaders (V.S. Records)
  12. Humanity (Rulefinns robo-human-etiske edit) by Digital Emotion on Self-Release (Self-Release)
  13. Microprocessor by Emulab on Microprocessor 8080 A (Metronome)