Sounds In The Dark - 4.14.21

Tonight's edition features new music including a sweet soundtrack to a silent film including Bay Area drummer Scott Amendola, plus new work from Six Organs of Admittance, Sufjan Stevens, Tangent and much more!


  1. Featured Last Chance in Sun Valley by Islay Banks on Confluence (Islay Banks) New Local
  2. Featured Avenging Army, Go! / The Sea Parts by Scott Amendola, Steve Berlin, Steven Drozd on The Ten Commandments (Reboot) Info

    New Local East Bay-based jazz drummer Scott Amendola plays alongside saxophonist Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) for a ripper of an Old Testament concept record that provides a new soundtrack to Cecil Demille's 1923 film The Ten Commandments. Watch the re-scored version on Youtube in the link below.

  3. Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn by Six Organs of Admittance on Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn (Ben Chasny) New
  4. Meditation III by Sufjan Stevens on Meditations (Asthmatic Kitty Records)

    New First in a five (!!!) LP ambient collection entitled 'Convocations' inspired by the death of Stevens' father.

  5. Mmabolela by Jacaszek on Gardenia (Touch)
  6. First Rain by Duval Timothy on 2 Sim (Carrying Colour)
  7. Decumbent by Clifford Solum on Decumbent (Clifford Solum)
  8. Generation by Yuuki Matthews on Funny Morning (Yuuki Matthews)
  9. Imminent Transformation by Tangent on Evolutionary Cycles (n5MD)

    New Local March 21st release from Oakland label n5MD

  10. Get Together by Gareth Dickson on Quite A Way Away (12k)
  11. Drifting by Pole on Fading (Mute)
  12. Pillar by Leafcutter John on Yes! Come Parade With Us (Border Community Recordings Ltd.)
  13. 1/2 SCULPTURE by Sam Gendel, Ethan Braun on Rio Nilo 66 (ULYSSA) New
  14. Break
  15. The Weak Wheel of the World by Suso Saiz, Suzanne Kraft on Between No Things (Music From Memory)