Ep.138 04.18.21 (Broadcasting From Home 40)


  1. Tabuh Telu by Bharata Muni Sading on Gamelan : Gong Kebyar (Jonkey Enterprises)
  2. L'Imposteur by Lafawndah on The Fifth Season (Latency)
  3. Barbajia (Tristan Arp Remix) by Seagit Arc on Half Emotion Remixes (ANTIMATERIASONORA)
  4. Spiritus Operis by Ka Baird on Respires (RVNG Intl.)
  5. Next Life by NKC on HD Anthem (Even The Strong)
  6. Paramite Temple by Lemonick on Paramite Temple (Sans Absence)
  7. Ancient Rave by Tzuhan on Self Release (Self Release)
  8. Aqua Tryst (Syn Remix) by Akito on Aqua Tryst (Syn Remix) [Bandcamp Exclusive] (Sans Absence)
  9. Colombian Flute by Deejay Florentino on Contraband (Mixpak Records)
  10. The Amala Trick by Laksa on The Amala Trick / In The Middle (Timedance)
  11. 2D Electric Mushroom by River Yara on Household Choirs (Super Utu)
  12. Swimming by Bayview on Single (Unreleased) (Self-Released)
  13. Maronna Nera (Tagliabue Edit) by Enzo Avitabile (44,100Hz Social Club Verified)
  14. Strange Hell by Katsunori Sawa on An Enlightenment Manual, Your Consciousness Of Truth (Opal Tapes)
  15. Hyper+Land by Cemetery on HYPER​+​LAND (MIND Records)
  16. Danzaguida by Sabla on Danzaguida (DISK)