"no one flies around the sun"

Plenty to space out to during this year's compulsory 4/20 episode. If you need more time to come down, here's last year's too. Thanks for listening... and G.O.O.D. L.U.C.K.


  1. Flickered Amongst The Cumulonimbus by The Wind-Up Bird on The Wind-Up Bird (Translucence/Alone)
  2. Rime by Sarah Louise on Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars (Thrill Jockey)
  3. Dreaming by Sarathy Korwar on Day To Day (Ninja Tune)
  4. Clew by iT Boy, feat. Ed Bear on The Nail House EP (New Amsterdam)
  5. Sleepwalk by Buke and Gase on A Record Of (Brassland)
  6. Suroor by Arooj Aftab on Vulture Prince (New Amsterdam) New
  7. Now and Ever: I. by Ben Verdery on Scenes from Ellis Island (Panoramic)
  8. Open Mouth by Kaki King on Dreaming Of Revenge (Velour)
  9. Du E För Fin För Mig by Dungen on Ta Det Lugnt (Kemado/Subliminal)
  10. Zurvan by Sir Richard Bishop on While My Guitar Violently Bleeds (Locust)
  11. Forget and Forgive by Vula Viel on What's Not Enough About That? (self released)
  12. walk for "345" minutes, while saying "Ah Yeah!" with a "Mountain Book" in one hand, until a shower of light pours down by OOIOO on nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)
  13. Echoes by Pink Floyd on Meddle (Capitol)
  14. The Handsome by Mary Halvorson & John Dieterich on a tangle of stars (New Amsterdam)
  15. Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority by Fly Pan Am (Constellation)
  16. G.O.O.D L.U.C.K by toe on Hear You (Topshelf)