1. Featured Send Me by Tirzah on Send Me (Domino) New
  2. Nebbia Spugna by SSIEGE on Meteora (Youth) New
  3. Piano, Bells & Two Reversed Tape Loops by Vanessa Amara on Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback (Posh Isolation) New
  4. Raze by James Welburn & Tomas Järmyr on Sleeper in the Void (Miasmah) New
  5. Bell, Fern III by Alexandra Spence on A Necessary Softness (Room40) New
  6. Magic by Frederik Valentin on 0011000 (Posh Isolation) New
  7. Discrete (The Market) by Claire Rousay on a softer focus (American Dreams) New
  8. OCT by MICROCORPS & Simon Fisher Turner on XMIT (Alter) New
  9. Endless Hours by Daniel Avery on Together in Static (Mute) New
  10. Featured Never the right time (feat. Alison Skidmore) by Andy Stott on Never The Right Time (Modern Love) New
  11. Sister Lava by Ziúr on Antifate (PAN) New
  12. Mor by Taylor Deupree on Mur (Dauw) New