The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Dark Dancing Across The USA Part 1 4/27/21


  1. Capulet Loves Montague by Astari Nite on Here Lies (Negative Gain)
  2. Testure (SF Mix) by Skinny Puppy on VIVIsectVI (Nettwerk)
  3. Butyric Acid by Stoneburner vs Out Out on A Message To The People: A Tribute To CONSOLIDATED! (Voidstar)
  4. Lovers (Actors Remix) by Clan Of Xymox on Spider On The Wall (Trisol)
  5. The Burial by Seeming on Madness & Extinction (Artoffact)
  6. Planet Earth by Hate Dept. on Newer Wave 2.0 (21st Circuitry)
  7. \Птицы / Birds (Textbeak Remix) by MORGVE on Remixes, Vol. 2 (Hexx 9)
  8. Children Of Tomorrow (feat. Coppa) by Zardonic on Become (eOne)
  9. Weaponized (feat. Alicia May) by 11Grams on Humanicide (EK Product)
  10. Ten Grand Goldie by Einstruzende Neubauten on Alles In Allem (Potomak)
  11. Hysteria by Priest on Cyberhead (Blue Nine)
  12. Dance Macabre (Carpenter Brut Remix) by Ghost (Loma Vista)
  13. Youthwave by Moris Blak on Nova Vita II (Nova Lotus)
  14. Nar by Susu Laroche on Incivility (Primordial Void)
  15. In Between Days by The Cure on Standing On A Beach • The Singles (Elektra)
  16. Puzzle Heart by Mr Kitty on Ephemeral (Negative Gain)
  17. Joy Through Death by Grave Pleasures on Doomsday Roadburn (Svart)
  18. The Choice by Eisfabrik on Null Kelvin (NoCut)
  19. Madman (Ashbury Heights Remix) by Red Lokust (Distortion Productions)
  20. Golgota by Gozer on Intergracion (Menta Rota)
  21. Last Exit For The Lost by Fields Of The Nephilim on The Nephilim (Beggars Banquet)
  22. Path to Love by Tamaryn on Dreaming The Dark (DERO Arcade)