Ep 169: "Good Morning Sacramento"

Trè Burt, the Sacramento songwriter whose "Under the Devil's Knee" (bandcamp) and "What Good" are featured in this special All-Sacramento episode of I Luv Mondays.

Please support the Gofundme for the family of Mario Gonzalez, killed by Alameda Police the morning of April 19:

"Mario was only 26-year-old when they killed him. He leaves behind four-year-old little Mario who will now grow up without his father in his life. Mario was also a caring big brother to Efrain and Jerry. Mario was the principal caretaker of his mom and Efrain who has autism. He had his whole life ahead of him and they robbed him from his family and community."

The Gonzalez family has seen the police body-cam footage and says it is “in direct conflict” with Alameda police's account. (East Bay Times)

Also: Die Jim Crow Records and the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers are teaming up to get instruments into the hands of incarcerated peoples, including those not far from us at San Quentin, intake form here: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/instrumentsintoprisons

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  1. Mother Invention by Drug Apts on Drug Apts EP (self released)
  2. Made by Creux Lies (Cleopatra)
  3. Under the Devil's Knee by Trè Burt (self released)
  4. What Good by Trè Burt on Caught it from the Rye (self released)
  5. Solo by PREGNANT on Duct Tape (Golden Brown)
  6. Silver One by Julian Never (self released)
  7. Always by A Tribe Quartet (self released)
  8. Break
  9. The Sad Poetry of Violence by VVD WNDWS on Blue Landscape (Glowing Dagger)
  10. Side A by Gemini Cove on 77.7FM (self released)
  11. Mods by Yawzea on Q-tine w/ X-tine (self released)
  12. Control Me by Slick Lemon on This is the Best I'll Ever Be: Sacramento's Adult Underground (Domestic Honey)
  13. Hip Happiness by The Plastic Shoelaces (self released)
  14. I Wanna Louie Louie (All Night Long) by Charles Albright on Everything Went Charles Albright (self released)
  15. North Of Order by Screature on Old Hand New Wave (Ethel Scull)
  16. I Don't Feel Strange by Vasas on This is the Best I'll Ever Be: Sacramento's Adult Underground (Domestic Honey)
  17. Easy Going by Mediocre Cafe on Easy Listening (Park the Van)