1. Equimanthorn by Bathory on Under the Black Mark (Black Mark)
  2. Lightning to the Nations by Diamond Head on Borrowed Time (MCA)
  3. Break
  4. Steelvagina by Impaled Nazarene on Suomi Finland Perkele (Osmose)
  5. Break
  6. Steelvagina by Impaled Nazarene on Suomi Finland Perkele (Osmose)
  7. Wheel of Life by Anti Cimex on Absolut Country of Sweden (CBR)
  8. Zeus - Seducer of Hearts by Bölzer on Roman Acupuncture (Iron Bonehead)
  9. Perdition de l'atavisme cristallin by Nécropole on Atavisme... (Self-released)
  10. Visions from the Dark Side by Morbid Angel on Altars of Madness (Earache)
  11. Deathlike Silence by Sodom on Obsessed By Cruelty (Metal Blade)
  12. Meloncholia by Tribulation on The Children of the Night (Century Media)
  13. Koyopa by Volahn on Aq'ab'al (Ajna Offensive)
  14. Judgement of the Dead by Pagan Altar on Volume 1 (Oracle)
  15. Burning In Hell by Possessed on Seven Churches (Combat)
  16. Seduced By Evil by Sextrash on Sexual Carnage (Cogumelo)
  17. Apparition by Possession on Anneliese (Iron Bonehead)
  18. The Gate of Nanna by Beherit on Drawing Down the Moon (Spinefarm)
  19. Nocturnal Slayer by Blasphemy on Gods of War (Osmose)
  20. Chevy by Chevy on The Taker (Avatar)
  21. Hot Rockin' by Judas Priest on Point of Entry (Columbia)
  22. Hooligan by KISS on Love Gun (Casablanca)
  23. Slouching Equinox by Malthusian on Below the Hengiform (Invictus)
  24. Son of the Black Ram by Grand Belial's Key on Kosherat (Drakkar)
  25. Desecration of Souls by Mercyful Fate on Don't Break the Oath (Roadrunner)
  26. Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos by Sulphur Aeon on Gateway to the Antisphere (Imperium)