The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Dark Dancing Across The USA Part 2 5/4/21


  1. Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode on Violator (Sire)
  2. Last In The Club by Buzz Kull (Avant!)
  3. Cast by Korine on The Night We Raise (Other Voices)
  4. 39 By Design by Drab Majesty on The Demonstration (Dais)
  5. Send Me An Angel/Sunglasses At Night by The Foreign Resort (self released/Bandcamp)
  6. Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor) by Rhys Fulber on Diaspora EP (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
  7. The Book Of Gates by SIRUS on Apocrypha (Digital World Audio)
  8. RetroFuturist (EBM Remix) by ManMindMachine (Tinnitorturous)
  9. End This Summer (Ash Code Remix) by undertheskin (self released/Bandcamp)
  10. Clarity by Provision on Hearts Turn Dark (Dreamstreet)
  11. No Gold by Black Nail Cabaret on Gods Verging On Sanity (Dependent)
  12. Eudamonia by Them Are Us Too on Remain (Dais)
  13. All It Takes by Empathy Test on Safe From Harm (self released/Bandcamp)
  14. The Death Of Reynard (feat. Rome & King Dude) by Awen on The Hollow In The Stone (Trisol)
  15. Bad Juju by BACKxWASH on Deviancy (Grimalkin)
  16. Cat Woman by Sleep Chamber on Siamese Succubi (FünfUndVierzig)
  17. Eat Their Young (feat. Caitlin Corlyx) by ESA on Eat Their Young / The Scorn EP (Negative Gain)
  18. Temptress by Wvalaam Klous on Die Erlösung: Kapitel I (Crave Tapes)
  19. Darkness (Inertia Remix) by Ego Likeness on Wolves EP (Metropolis)
  20. Hidden Things by Bootblacks on Thin Skies (Artoffact)
  21. Hitchhiker by Nox Novacula on The Beginning (Bat-Cave Productions)
  22. 15 Stars by Otzi on Storm (Artoffact)