Alley Cat In Italy (Episode 80)


  1. Are U There by fern (Self Released)
  2. Mantra by Kaz Moon on Bleed (Old Phones)
  3. Inner Circle by Simon John (Local Boy Collective)
  4. 6/18/2020 by Blaze Olsen (Records DK)
  5. Cozy by SWANES (SWANES World)
  6. Business Solutions by JORDANN (Self Released)
  7. Instinct by Private Agenda on Affection (Nightshift)
  8. Leggo My Ego by SWANES on Trials and Simulations (SWANES World)
  9. Personal by Blue Material (Self Released)
  10. Out to Sea by Caramel (Self 2019)
  11. Guilty Conscience (Tame Impala Remix) by 070 Shake, Tame Impala (Getting Out Our Dreams, Def Jam Recordings)
  12. $40 Feeling by Steve Sobs on Heavy Heart (Waaga Records)
  13. Maya & John by Josh Augustin (Records DK)
  14. Memory by Pish on Pish (Bergen Mafia)