1. Coltrane by Eades on Abstract Education EP (Heist or Hit)
  2. I Want You Back by Los Pepes on Want You Back/Never Get It Right (Self Released)
  3. Loose Grip by Street Eaters on Simple Distractions, EP (Self Released)
  4. An Ordinary Life by Wasuremono on Let's Talk, Pt. 1 (Self Released)
  5. Down The River by Ratboys on Happy Birthday, Ratboy (Topshelf)
  6. Those Words by Mattiel on Those Words (ATO)
  7. As Big As All Outside by Ducks Ltd. on Get Bleak (Carpark)
  8. Isolation by Space Tan on Inti Raymi (ATH)
  9. Pinky Ring by Remember Sports on Like a Stone (Father/Daughter)
  10. Nothing at All by Cave People on Looking (Disposable America)
  11. Anyone by Cartalk (Lame-O Records)
  12. Caroline Creature by The Kelly Jean Caldwell Band on BIRDIE (Outer Limits Lounge)
  13. Bringing Up the Worm by Starman Jr. on Bringing Up the Worm (Self Released)
  14. C by Osees on The Chapel, SF 10.2.19 (Castle Face)
  15. Tormented by The Reno Casinos on Tormented b/w The Beatniks (Self Released)
  16. Nervous by The Sensitive Lips on Weekend Fan! vs The Sensitive Lips (Secret Mission)
  17. Toothache by Sam Valdez on Take Care (B3SCI)
  18. Night Star by Squitch on Learn to Be Alone (Disposable America)
  19. Emerald Bells by Soft Blue Shimmer on Heaven Inches Away (Disposable America)
  20. Heart to Heart by Fiddlehead on Heart to Heart (Run for Cover)
  21. Ode to None by New Pagans on The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (Self Released)
  22. When You Say Yes by Moontype on Bodies of Water (Born Yesterday)
  23. Francisca by The Murlocs on Bittersweet Demons (ATO)
  24. Innocence by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Self Released)
  25. Sans Toi by Fleur on Fleur (6131)
  26. Several Souvenire by EXEK on Good Thing They Ripped Up the Carpet (Lulus Sonic Disc Club)
  27. Pepper Ann by Dirty Fences on Pepper Ann B/W One In Ten (Self Released)
  28. Get A Chance by The See-Saw on Get A Chance! (Secret Mission)
  29. More Is More by Unschooling on Random Acts of Total Control (Howlin Banana)
  30. Spread the Germicide by M.A.Z.E. on II (Lumpy)
  31. In June by King Azaz on Forever Green (Get Better)
  32. Pod by Snooper on Snõõper (Goodbye Boozy)
  33. Person of Tomorrow by Feeling Figures on Feeling Figures (Celluloid Lunch)
  34. Body Contact by Supreme Joy on JOY (Self Released)
  35. Company Jeep by Mesh on s/t (Born Yesterday)
  36. We've Arrived by Endless Column on Endless Column (Erste Theke Tonträger)