Keep Cool w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 008 05/08/21

I think too much. Wear headphones.


  1. Aurora by The Holydrug Couple on Soundtrack for Evil Doll (Loucs Amoenus) New
  2. Yo Yo - Martin Badder Remix by Basement Jaxx; Martin Badder on Yo Yo (Martin Badder & Rhys Manning Remixes) (W&O Street Tracks) New
  3. ReCycling by Manu Delago on ReCycling (One Little Independent Records) New
  4. Takaisin Pangeaan by Stiletti-Ana on I'm An Arpeggiator (Hoga Nord Rekords) New
  5. If We Don't Make It (Rōnin Dub) by UNKLE on If We Don't Make It (Rōnin Dub) (UNKLE) New
  6. Give Me Time by Evolfo on Give Me Time (Royal Potato Family) New
  7. Vorahnung und Ausbruch by Cass.; Niklas Wandt on Esculturas Rupestres (Candomble) New
  8. Finger Pies by Anika on Finger Pies (Invada) New
  9. Truck Fump by Butcher Brown on Truck Fump (Concord Jazz) New
  10. What Does a Person Need by Udi Shlomo on Diaspora House (Alessa Records) New
  11. Red Pillows by Bruxas on Red Pillows (Dekmental) New
  12. LO SPECCHIO by Alessandro Cortini on LO SPECCHIO (Mute) New
  13. Inner Self by Elusive; Josh Koslow; Matt Little; Josh Howard on Celestial Impressions: Inner Space (Alpha Pup Records) New
  14. Xiu - 宫廷 version by Yu Su; Knopha on Xiu (宫廷 version) (Ibie Records) New
  15. Come Again by Slowya.roll; Rob Araujo on Come Again (Retro Jungle x Good Society) New
  16. Beyond The Mirage (Cut Chemist Remix) by Terumasa Hino; Cut Chemist on Beyond The Mirage (Cut Chemist Remix) (Space Shower Networks Inc) New
  17. Break
  18. A Soul Grain by Jun Kamoda on II (Jun Records) New
  19. Elastic Band by Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band; Yves Jarvis; Romy Lightman on Elastic Band (Anti) New
  20. Down The Line - Kimbra Remix by Remi Wolf; Kimbra on Down The Line (Kimbra Remix) (Island Records) New
  21. Soul Makosa by Blue Lab Beats; Kaidi & NK-OK; NK-OK; Kaidi Akinnibi; Namali Kwaten; David Mrakpor on The Sounds of Afrotronica (Blue Adventure) New
  22. Dirty South by Moses Boyd; SW2 on Bridge The Gap/Dirty South (GD4YA) New
  23. The Spirit of - De Lux remix by Brendan Eder Ensemble; De Lux; Colleen Green; Veronica Bianqui on The Spirit of (De Lux remix) (Brendan Eder Ensemble) New
  24. Ceasefire by Kamggarn; Mcbaise on Ceasefire (DirtyMelody) New
  25. Abraham by Raffy Bushman on Abraham (Bridge The Gap)
  26. Carte Blanche by Whitesquare on Discreet Moment Thing Pt. 1 (Life And Death) New