1. Sanxenxo by Nathan Fake on Sanxenxo (Cambria) New
  2. Freche Freunde by Thomas Fehlmann on Böser Herbst (Kompakt) New
  3. Featured Speaking in the Tongues of Angels by Maxwell Sterling on Turn of Phrase (AD 93) New
  4. Numa by Satomimagae on Hanazono (RVNG Intl.) New
  5. Featured Sapphire Visions by David Granström on Empty Room (Hallow Ground) New
  6. Featured Remember by Smerz on Believer (XL Recordings)
  7. Überschneidungen by Thomas Fehlmann on Böser Herbst (Kompakt) New
  8. Malaak by Fatima Al Qadiri on Medieval Femme (Hyperdub) New
  9. interreference.7 by Richard Chartier on Interreferences (Room40)
  10. Uninhabited Day by K. Leimer on Found Objects (Palace Of Lights) New
  11. Slowly by Patrick Belaga on Blutt (PAN) New