transfiguration #189 garden of delights mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Crab Pushing a Rock by Cofaxx on Shell Collector - EP (Constellation Tatsu)
  2. Funny Child by Daniel Crook on Injustice System (dearly departure)
  3. Without You by John Moods on So Sweet - EP (Arbutus Records Inc.)
  4. On Our Hands by Suzanne Kraft on On Our Hands / Waiting (melody as truth)
  5. Salad Bar by The Zenmenn on Enter the Zenmenn (Music From Memory)
  6. When the party is over by NUBACK on When the party is over (too young records)
  7. Trip In The Outer Sphere by Mazzo on Morning Dew (Natural Positions)
  8. Step By Step by RR on Train of Thought (Growing Bin Records)
  9. Evening Shadows by D.K. on Café del Mar, Vol. 22 (Cafe del Mar Music)
  10. Helium IIIs by IAO on Lucky Are Those Who Hear the Birds Sing (Growing Bin Records)
  11. Vérité (feat. Oko Ebombo) by Cinnaman on Kingfisher - EP (Visible Spectrum)
  12. Find Home by Green-House on Music for Living Spaces (Leaving Records)
  13. Amores (Ft. Diana Leon) by QOSQI on Fungi (Global Hybrid Records)
  14. Aguas Blancas Sunrise by Tambores En Benirras on Summer Selections Three (NuNorthern Soul)
  15. Jules y Cynthia (Eddie C Dubwise in der Wedding) by Eddie C on Max Essa vs. Eddie C (red motorbike)
  16. Lonely Without You by Eddie C on Auf Der Ufer - EP (Endless Flight)
  17. You've Gone (feat. Lorraine Chambers) by Bassline (ISLE OF JURA RECORDS)
  18. Freak 4 U by System Olympia on Delta of Venus (Huntleys + Palmers)
  19. Pantalla Total by BFlecha on ExNovo (Arkestra Discos)
  20. Aura Love by FarragoL on 憂 慮_ANXIETY (MNC Distribution)
  21. Boo Sneeze by Max D on Many Any (self released)
  22. Rest Assured by Pedro Singery on Death For Never (confuso editions)
  23. New Skin by John Moods on So Sweet - EP (Arbutus Records Inc.)
  24. Sehnsucht by Purple Schulz on Purple Schulz (EMI)
  25. Con los Tiuques by DJ Raff on Animals of the Earth Vol1 (Cosmovision Records)
  26. Ultravioleta (DJ Raff Remix) by Landikhan, Dat Garcia & DJ Raff on Ultravioleta Remixes - EP (LNDKHN)
  27. Selva by Xanducero on Casa (Fertil Discos)
  28. Jinete Latino by Diguital Trip & Ecotono (New Latam Beats)
  29. Lecce 74 by Yeahman & El Búho on Ostriconi (Wonderwheel Recordings)