Abuela's Pantry #177

ferry building wholesome chaos


  1. Misery by Veronica Falls on Veronica Falls (Slumberland)

    local label

  2. Take It As It Comes by Vivian Girls on Share The Joy (Polyvinyl)
  3. Hey Michael ft marinelli by Wallice on single (self-released)
  4. quimeras by Tessa Ía on BREVE (OCESA Seitrack)
  5. Big Deal by Tiberius b on stains ep (zelig)
  6. daydream by Luna Luna on For Lovers Only (Self Release)
  7. SOMEONE TO SPEND TIME WITH by Los Retros on someone to spend time with (stones throw)
  8. woah by sipper on single (family computer)
  9. Ojitos Soñados by Ramona on ceres (self released)
  10. Conditions by Squirrel Flower on Contact Sports (takes time)
  11. Piel Canela by Mi Sobrino Memo on single (self-released)
  12. domingo by poi mp3 on single (self-released)
  13. ghost adventures spirit orb by chloe moriondo on spirit orb ep (elektra)
  14. Break
  15. buenas dias, tarde ya by little jesus on single (nacional)
  16. In Us by Lexie on Record Time! (Skeleton Realm)
  17. Desperate by Anna McClellan on Desperate/Pace of the Universe (Father/Daughter)

    local label

  18. tuviste by bratty on single (universal)
  19. Melatonezone by Illuminati Hotties on FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For (Self-Released)
  20. sobras tu by david de la luz on single (cuatro espadas)
  21. chingazo by ivan ivengo on single (self released)
  22. zombie by Orla Gartland on single (self-released)
  23. Distancia by Parque de Cometas on single (devil in the woods)
  24. friends forever by thanks for coming on no problem (self-released)
  25. Yo Sé Que Tú Me Conoces by Los Wálters on single (self-released)
  26. guay by soy os, safree & roxes on single (studio mx)
  27. rey wey by el gil on ep (maricuir)
  28. Caught In The Middle by Paramore on After Laughter (Atlantic)
  29. quando_estoy_contigo.mp3 by axolotes mexicanos on uwu (elefant)
  30. todo el dia by mijo mija on single (self-released)
  31. era feliz by karl neudert on single (cabesu)
  32. I Was A Window by SASAMI on SASAMI (Domino)
  33. for you by free cake for every creature on Talking Quietly of Anything With You (Double Double Whammy)
  34. tu no me tienes que salver by depression sonora on single (sonido muchacho)
  35. Bobby Pins by CBMC on FOOTWEAR (SELF-RELEASED)
  38. ¿Qué Nos Pasó? by Drims on SINGLE (Paseo Tracks.)
  39. Get Well Soon by Boy Scouts on Free Company (ANTI)
  40. Opinión de mierda by Los Punsetes on LPIV (CANADA)
  41. Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays on Alvvays (Polyvinyl Records)