MUSIC PLEASE | episode sixty six


  1. 1-800-HITMYLINE by Stevedreez on 1-800-HITMYLINE (Self-Released) New
  2. Paper & Glue by Vandelux on Dream State (TH3RDBRAIN) New Local
  3. Starstruck - Vegyn Remix by Years & Years, Vegyn on Starstruck (Vegyn Remix) (Universal) New
  4. Featured Waiting by Jengi on Zero (Studio KOTO) New
  5. Break
  6. Spinning (with Charli XCX & The 1975) by No Rome, Charli XCX, The 1975 on Spinning (with Charli XCX & The 1975) (Dirty Hit)
  7. Featured Hey Luma by Vandelux on Dream State (TH3RD BRAIN) New Local
  8. Featured Gimme Your Love (feat. Shungudzo) by KUU, Alex Metric, Riton, Shungudzo on Gimme Your Love (feat. Shungudzo) (Warner Music UK) New
  9. Just Dance by HONNE on Just Dance (Tatemae Recordings)
  10. Waxing Moon by DJ Pasta, Sebatstian Adé on Waxing Moon (toucan sounds)
  11. On Your Mind by Doss on On Your Mind (LuckyMe) New
  12. Burning - Snakehips Remix by Gordon City, Evan Giia, Snakehips on Burning (Snakehips Remix) (Universal)
  13. Featured Alter Ego by Duke Dumont, Channel Tres on For Club Play Only, Pt. 7 (Universal) New
  14. Featured Soaked in Sweat by Villanis on Soaked in Sweat (Strakton ltd) New
  15. Tired of Waiting by Franc Moody on Tired of Waiting (Juicebox Recordings) New
  16. Get Dawn by Pat Lok on Gone Is Yesterday (Kitsuné Musique)
  17. Keep Moving - The Blessed Madonna remix / Edit by Jungle, The Blessed Madonna on Keep Moving (The Blessed Madonna remix) (Caiola Records) New
  18. Featured TGIF (feat. Tom Morello) by K. Flay, Tom Morello on TGIF (feat. Tom Morello) (Self-Released) New Local
  19. Break
  20. Featured Fine Little Rhythm by Nick Leng on Fine Little Rhythm (SOTA Records) New
  21. Higher (feat. Alex Newell) by VINCINT, Alex Newell, Princess Precious on Higher (feat. Alex Newell) (Self-Released) New
  22. LUCID by Rina Sawayama on LUCID (Dirty Hit)
  23. Looking For Me by Paul Woodford, Diplo, Kareen Lomax on Looking For Me (Higher Ground)
  24. Break
  25. Featured Best Sex by ASL on EL GANZO PT. 3 (Self-Released) New
  26. Featured Get Me Higher by Georgia, David Jackson on Get Me Higher (Universal) New
  27. Meet Again by LP Giobbi, Little Boots on Meet Again (Animal Talk) Local
  28. Break
  29. Featured Jump In by ASL on EL GANZO PT. 3 (Self-Released) New