b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 2)

on this episode of b.a.a.a.m. radio, we play some tracks from some small bands from Southern California, and even some from out of state.


  1. brain telephone by Frankie and the Witch Fingers on brain telephone (Perament Records)
  2. Huffing Soil by Jinkies on Huffing Soil (956149 Records DK)
  3. The Butcher by Exit Group on Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)
  4. You are going to hate this by The Frights on you are going to hate this (Dangerbird Records)
  5. Sick Shit by Together Pangea on Badillac (Harvest Records)
  6. Soggy Diner Toast by Shady Francos on Shady Francos EP (Self-release)
  7. All Pinned Up by The Thin Bloods on Twin Tumors, Vol. 1 (Self-release)
  8. Bowls by Junkie on W/E (Junkie Music)
  9. Ready To Go by Jaded Juice Riders on Bowl Cut (Spirit Goth Records)
  10. I Think I'm Losing My Mind by The Soaks on The Soaks (Riot House Records)
  11. Break
  12. Pirouette by Jay Som on Pirouette (Polyvinyl)
  13. Laugh Now Cry Later by Los Shadows on Laugh Now Cry Later (Millhaus)
  14. Television Song by Fake Tides on Fake Tides// T. Rexico (Self-release)
  15. F.R.F. by Juicebumps on Jelly (Juicebumps) Local
  16. Grilled Cheese by Cherry Glazerr on Haxel Princess (Burger Records)
  17. Sleepless Nights by The Red Pears on We Bring Anything to the Table (Daycare Records)
  18. Maybe by Jurassic Shark on Miracle (Self-released)
  19. Heartbeat by The Pesos on Carpet Dope (Lollipop Records)
  20. No Name by Sad Park on Sad Park (712540 Records DK)
  21. Fifteen On A Skateboard by Diners on Three (Asian Man)
  22. Communicationissexy/Idkhow2communicate by the Aquadolls on The Dream and the Deception (Aqua Babe Records)
  23. Telepphone by CASTLEBEAT ft. Sonia Gad (Spirit Goth)
  24. Hit or Miss by Boyo on Dance Alone (Danger Collective Records LLC)
  25. Call Me (On the Phone) by Dante Elephante on Rare Attractions (Last Resort Forever)
  26. Card Declined for Pizza and Wine by Stevie Dinner on Mystery Flavor (Skeleton Realm Records)
  27. Nice Boys by Temporex on Care (Self-released)
  28. Medicate For You by Aolani on Aolani (Potato King)
  29. Crazy4luvinU by Katzù Oso on Crazy4luvinU (counter culture records)
  30. Watering the Garden by Brad stank (Untitled Recs Limited)
  31. Happen Twice by Mark Whalen on Morning Glory (Self-release)
  32. Theatrical State of Mind by Papooz on Night Sketches (Half Awake Records)
  33. Mother Nature's Bitch by Okay Kaya on Watch This Liquid Pour Itself (Jagjaguwar)