EP. 71: June Gloom

Hello June gloom. Grunge gloom, sad pop-punk, shoegaze, sad shiz.

Twin Peaks Session feature: Sour Widows

New songs from Broken Field Runner, Fiddlehead, Soccer Mommy, Downhaul & Marigold (Ben from Marigold posing w/ me in cover photo for this episode)

90s medley is pure dad rock 90s pandora lol.

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  1. MURDER by Spice on SPICE (Dais)
  2. Exit Fears by Ceremony on The L-Shaped Man (Matador)
  3. Window Seat by Papergirl on When I'm Home Alone and I Hear a Noise, I Sit and Listen for Ages (Self-Released) Local
  4. I Figured Out by Toner (Smoking Room) New
  5. Feeling Real by cursetheknife on promo 2020 (New Morality Zine)
  6. Pissing Off the Neighbors by cursetheknife on Thank You For Being Here (New Morality Zine) New
  7. pretender by stacking pennies on with good friends (Look Up) New
  8. Dark Green Water by Great Grandpa on Four Of Arrows (Double Double Whammy)
  9. Obliterated by Broken Field Runner (Self-Released)
  10. Talking to Girls by worlds greatest dad on Boredom Blues (self-released)
  11. Stab by Title Fight on Shed (SideOneDummy)
  12. You're Gonna Hate What You've Done by Greet Death on New Hell (Deathwish)
  13. Slight Blue by Mike Huguenor on X'ed (Lauren) Local
  14. Life Is Alright by Kal Marks on Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies (Exploding In Sound)
  15. Look the Other Way by Sour Widows on Crossing Over (Exploding In Sound) New Local
  16. Push by Matchbox Twenty on Yourself or Someone Like You (Atlantic)
  17. Round Here by Counting Crows on August and Everything After (Geffen)
  18. December by Collective Soul on Collective Soul (Craft)
  19. Photograph by The Verve Pipe on Villains (RCA)
  20. Graduate by Third Eye Blind on Third Eye Blind (Elektra)
  21. Eyes To The Wind by The War On Drugs on Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian)
  22. Protect Me From What I Want by Placebo on Sleeping with Ghosts (Elevator Lady)
  23. C.F. Bundy. by Matt Elliott on Drinking Songs (Ici D'Ailleurs)
  24. Joyboy by Fiddlehead on Between the Richness (Run for Cover) New
  25. Wide Open Spaces by Soccer Mommy (Loma Vista) New
  26. About Leaving by Downhaul on PROOF (Refresh) New
  27. Waiting On Me by Marigold (Self-Released) New
  28. Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle by Sore Eyes on Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle (Self-Released)