Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit on the top of the bay


  1. (Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding on The Dock of the Bay (Volt)
  2. Selfish by Julian Skiboat (ALT:vision)
  3. underneath the moon by Nenci (text me records)
  4. Pretty Boys (Khrangbuin remix) by Paul McCartney on McCartney III Imagined (Capitol)
  5. Weird Dreams by Mae Powell (Park the Van)
  6. OLDHEAD by fearofmakingout on No A/C (self release)
  7. Verona (Stripped) by Geographer (Geographer Music)
  8. i hope she loves me back - acoustic at 777 studio by boy pablo on tuck me in (777)
  9. One Sided Love by Planttvibes on A Summer In My Dreams (Page 28 Records)
  10. High Season (with Buscabulla) by Poolside, Buscabulla on High Season (Pacific Standard)
  11. Look the Other Way by Sour Widows on Crossing Over (Exploding In Sounds)
  12. Please Don't Look Away by Sugar Candy Mountain on Please Don't Look Away (Org Music)
  13. Wooden Swords by Max Collier on Loverboy (Is It Art?)
  14. Wrong With You by Tristen (Mama Bird)
  15. Anywhere (Blues) by Goodworld (Desmonds Barrow of Records)
  16. BNR by Crumb on BNR & Balloon (Crumb Records)
  17. Ring My Bell by Sonny and the Sunsets on New Day With New Possibilities (Rocks In Your Head)
  18. i'd like to pretend by Riley Queer (SECRET PUP RECORDINGS)
  19. Grapefruit Juice by Bobby Renz (Text Me Records)
  20. Not In The Cards by The Red Pears (Cosmica)
  21. Boys at School by Spellling on Boys at School (Sacred Bones Records)
  22. ALONE - eyedress remix by Triathlon, eyedress on SLEEP CYCLE remixes (Self Released)
  23. Paradise Lost - Fashionista Boyfriend Remix by Fashionista Boyfriend, Brothertiger (Self Release)
  24. Father by David Samuel Caploe on Mother / Father (Young Tide)
  25. drip bounce 7_24_18 by Toro Y Moi on Soul Trash (Carpark Records)
  26. I Know I'm Funny haha by Faye Webster on I Know I'm Funny haha (Secretly Canadian)
  27. idontwannaletyougo by talkie, Natalie Nicoles (self released)
  28. Youtube2MP3 by AG Club (COR/TAN Records / TheNamelessCollective)
  29. Back Together by Amorphous, Kehlani (Amorphous / EMPIRE)
  30. Lonely by Los Retros on Looking Back (Stones Throw)
  31. Close to Home by Jonathan Deathrich (self released)
  32. Stop Making This Hurt by Bleachers (RCA)
  33. More And More Amore by Ernest Ranglin on Mod Mod Ranglin (Dub Store Records)