1. Moominpapa by Benjamin Belinska on Lost Illusions (Hidden Bay)
  2. Oil, LOL by Babe Report on Very Different Original Masses (Self Released)
  3. BFIOU by Birds of Maya on Valdez (Drag City)
  4. Chalk It Up to Island Time by The Martha's Vineyard Ferries on Sun's Out Guns Out (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
  5. Light the Signal by Waste Man on One Day It'll All Be You (Self Released)
  6. Semantic by Spread Joy on Spread Joy (Feel It)
  7. Her Hippo by Dry Cleaning on New Long Leg (4AD)
  8. La Tribu Des Trompettes by Fleur on s/t (6131)
  9. Some Things Never Break by De Lux on Uneven (Innovative Leisure)
  10. What Is Going On? by Hannah Jadagu on What Is Going On? (Sub Pop)
  11. Blunt Objects by Germ House on Spoiled Legacy (Girlsville)
  12. Distant Lullaby by UV-TV on Always Somthing (PaperCup)
  13. Half Empty by Radiator Hospital on Under The First Floor (live) (Self Released)
  14. Crowded Mind (Lemon Lime) by Dazy on The Crowded Mind (Self Released)
  15. Ganon Main by dogleg on Ganon Main/Road Trip (Acrobat Unstable)
  16. An Explanation by Record Setter on I Owe You Nothing (Topshelf)
  17. An Iteration by The Armed on ULTRAPOP (Sargent House)
  18. beauty by awakebutstillinbed on stay who you are (Acrobat Unstable)
  19. Happy Birthday by Hospital Bracelet on South Loop Summer (Counter Intuitive)
  20. She Don't Play Nice by Together Pangea on She Don't Play Nice EP (Self Released)
  21. Don't Wanna Get To Know You by Liquids on Life is Pain Idiot (Self Released)
  22. Social Chameleon by Unschooling on Random Acts of Total Control (Howlin' Banana)
  23. Sophia by Street Eaters on Simple Distractions EP (Nervous Intent)
  24. Innocence by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Self Released)
  25. Do You Wanna by Nana Yamato on Before Sunrise (Self Released)
  26. Bridges Go Burn by Charmpit on Cause a Stir (Specialist Subject)
  27. Don't Touch Me by Grocer on Delete if Not Allowed (Self Released)
  28. Dreamsickle by Wombo on Keesh Mountain (Fire Talk)
  29. Lush by Moontype on Bodies of Water (Born Yesterday)
  30. Natural Beauty by New Pagans on The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (Self Released)
  31. Nothing Left by Nervous Dater on Call in the Mess (Counter Intuitive)
  32. Horoscope by Ski Instructors on Odds and Scrods (Secret Center)
  33. Screaming In The Basement by Death Parade on Lost In Her Eyes (Self Released)
  34. To be Unwilling by Mal Devisa, Sajo Jefferson and the Radio on Mute on Pineapples at Dawn (Self Released)
  35. Pepper Ann by Dirty Fences on Pepper Ann B/W One In Ten (Self Released)
  36. Who Took The Rain by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Dirt Cult)
  37. Drink The Poison by Sweet Reaper on Microdose (Alien Snatch)
  38. Wasted [Black Flag cover] (live) by Osees on Live at Big Sur (CastleFace)