The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ SHIV-R & DJ Noise (Minneapolis) 6/8/21


  1. Kill God Ascend by SHIV-R on Kill God Ascend (Blind Mice Productions)
  2. Phenom by Iris on Radiant (Dependent)
  3. Cost Of Life by Kontravoid on Kontravoid (Tarantula X)
  4. How Not To Drown by CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith (Glassnote)
  5. Burn My Shadow by UNKLE feat. Ian Astbury on War Stories (Surrender All)
  6. You Are Not Your Body by Pete Crane on That Annihilated Place (Infected Recordings)
  7. Collapsing New People by Fad Gadget on Gag (Mute)
  8. Rebuff! by Swamp Terrorists on Grow - Speed - Injection (Noise)
  9. Grey (Dark Grey) by Rotersand and Evendorff (Believe France)
  10. See Bear by Kiberspassk on See Bear (Out Of Line)
  11. Eye Of The Needle by SHIV-R on Wax Wings Will Burn (Blind Mice Productions)
  12. Spiritual Cramp by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier)
  13. No Perception by Bliss on Demo Tape EP (self released/Bandcamp)
  14. Since Yesterday by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade (Karova)