Keep Cool w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 012 06/05/21

Knock, knock. Wear headphones.


  1. Kaga Bole Mera - Turbotito & Ragz Rework by Arundhati Bhaumik; Turbotito; Ragz on Kaga Bole Mera (Rework) (Naya Beat Records) New
  2. Ravestarter by Soukie & Windish on 10 Years URSL - Ravejagger Epicycle (URSL) New
  3. Leaving This Place by Max Cooper on Leaving This Place (Manners McDade) New
  4. Still (Drifts) by Kinkajous on Still (Drifts) (Running Circle) New
  5. Ethiopian Airlines by Whatitdo Archive Group on The Black Stone Affair (Record Kicks) New
  6. The Good Mixer by Ruby Rushton on The Good Mixer (+22A) New
  7. Darkness ABA by Raffy Bushman on Beginner's Mind (Bridge The Gap) New
  8. Lost Star by Memo Kurt on Astronaut in the Ocean (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Motorcycle Bible) New
  9. Brother Mouzone by Yoràn Vroom on Across A Spectrum (FreemanGround) New
  10. Style Council on Wax by TRANS FX on Music, Drugs, Technology and Popular Desire (Joker's Got A Posse) New
  11. Brain Dance by Nikitch on Brain Dance (Casamance) New
  12. Two Hills & a Mountain by No Fox on Two Hills & a Mountain (Pending Limited) New
  13. Thief in the Night - Al Wootton Remix by DJ Q; Hans Glader; Al Wootton on Thief in the Night (Remixes) (Local Action Records) New
  14. Modulatrum by TSVI on Modulatrum (Nervous Horizon) New
  15. The Accident by Eli Keszler on The Accident (LuckyMe) New
  16. Haydar Haydar by Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek on Haydar Haydar (Bongo Joe) New
  17. GONE TOMORROW by 40 Winks on GONE TOMORROW (Project Mooncircle) New
  18. Won’t Tell Barbara (feat. Julian Lynch and Alex Bleeker) by Family Portrait; Julian Lynch; Alex Bleeker on Won’t Tell Barbara (feat. Julian Lynch and Alex Bleeker) (Underwater Peoples Records) New
  19. Labyrinths of the Mind by Sau Poler on Nocturno (Atomnation) New
  20. Liminal Migration by Steve Moore; Bluetech on Liminal Migration (Behind The Sky Music) New
  21. Dark Tetrad by Kid Millions; Jan St. Werner on Dark Tetrad (Thrill Jockey) New